2019 Grafting Thread


My personal experience based on pulling apart bad grafts over the years is there is usually no callous on the failures. This year there was zero on all my failures. On apples I recall in the past some that had callous but failed, more often than not they got knocked by something.


Cherry grafts

Multiple pears on mountain ash volunteer


That is outrageous. It takes me 10 minutes to graft one limb!:thinking:


Thanks! Thats very helpful!


Yes air exposure causes graft failure and if tbudding remember the “buds should not be added when the air temperature exceeds 90°F. Second, buds should be inserted on the cooler north or east sides of stems.” https://content.ces.ncsu.edu/grafting-and-budding-nursery-crop-plants-


My grafts(4) so far this year are doing nothing. Each have 1 green bud that just halted.


Hard to be sure from a photo but the parafilm looks a bit loose. Perhaps the seal was not airtight.


Maybe try wrapping the whole scion with parafilm to conserve moisture and prevent desiccation? Our weather has been crazy around here, hot/cold/hot, which is probably making my grafts sad too.


Last years pear grafts, mainly. Potted this year so including them:

3-flap aka Banana Graft heartnut on wild B.walnut

Grandview 2 black walnut on a short 2 meter tree I’m using to push scionwood:

Remarkable and two to prove how hardy ‘Mikkusa’ aka JT-02 persimmon really is. @tonyOmahaz5 knows but may not know it probably got to -30 F / -34 C during America’s polar vortex of 2019. 20 miles to the north of me is an airport that reported -30 F / -34 C. Buds opening all the way up 1/2 meter of last year’s growth:

Mikkusa / JT-02 hybrid persimmon

American persimmon grafts. Ones on the left growing while grafted only days apart, ones on the right are not. Having so many plants (which I do) means I need to use shadier than sunnier areas as well as my greenhouse which is warmer so in that nutshell plants end up in full sun but were on differing pathways to how they got there:

@mamuang apples:

Golden Russet

Claygate Pearmain

Hooples Antique Gold

Much obliged Mam, thanks.

‘Barbra’s Blush’ American persimmon

Kanza pecan

Hark pecan

Selbhers shellbark hickory

I-94 persimmon

Garretson persimmon

Lehman’s Delight / 100-46 persimmon



Hoyt Montrose apricot

Flavor Queen pluot

Flavorella plumcot

and many more, Stan.



Adara plum


thank you:

Sultry Sunset plumcot

Flavor Train peach plum



Dax,. Your inventory is getting big. I think you should name it, Dax nursery.com



I actually like that a lot.


Many of the following are plants I’m saving:

@olpea thanks, also. a few of last year’s grafts Spring-potted 2019:


What root stock is Sultry Sunset grafted to?The tree’s leaves are fuzzy like a Euro Plum,even though One Green World states the parent is Japanese.bb


American plum (wild on my property.)


Wow Dax. You are the nursery man!


I could very well make a good return on my investment.



I have over 2 dozen that look just like your pictures…out of 111 apple grafts this spring.


The more rain we get while grafting the better my grafting results! I knew moisture was a big factor in grafting but i thought i had compensated for it in past years with parafilm. Not a single graft failed this year so far out of the hundreds i did! My grafts were not as concise this year as in the past.


Super! Congrats.

(I only did around 75% this year, somewhat a disappointment.)


I just had the frustrating experience of grafting Carene nect wood to other trees and after about 45 minutes of toil realizing that the wood in my hand had no living cambium, then I looked through the bag, and the only pieces that seemed to be vital were the thickest pieces. For some reason I did about 8 grafts without even noticing, although the wood had a rotten odor to it that I just ignored because I was too focused on the mechanics of grafting.

I’m a bit stumped, because wood stored the same way right next to it is fine. All of it was double wrapped with plastic food wrap and then placed in a zip-lock bag and put in a small garbage bag with with some moist cotton fabric to keep things from drying out in the fridge.

I’ve never had it happen before and the wood in the tree I took it from is growing fine.


@lordkiwi, i think you have way to much going on below the graft. cut off only leaving a few leaves.