2024 Low spray / no spray fruits

Oh yes. Same here.

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I’m lucky to be in the Mediterranean area of the West coast, so we don’t have to worry about fungal disease in the summer.

Day Neutral Strawberries are bullet proof, don’t even get swd in them despite having a lot around.

Some Asian Pear varieties, especially Yoinashi for me.

Any grapes, about 1 in 4 years we will get mildew, but sulfur controls it completely. Later wine grapes can get bunch rot, but they’re usually fine.

Plums almost never need spraying around here, occasionally will get aphids, but not often. Haven’t had any huge problems with spring fungal diseases.

Pineapple guava, haven’t grown many fruit, but the plants are invincible.

Figs, never any problems even in wet falls we still have no problems in the main crops.

Blueberries, commercial growers get swd, but my in laws have about 100 bushes and have never had any.

Raspberries and blackberries, same as blueberries.


I’ve never sprayed my Concords or done anything really. Last year, I didn’t get a one because we had a very late cold snap. Apple orchards were wiped out. I guess I was complacent because they’d always produced in abundance here in central Vermont, but, boy, I did miss them. Here’s hoping for better weather this year.