2024 Spring Grafting Thread

Any successful graft looks beautiful to me. (In years to come no one will notice anyway.)


For other newbie grafters… don’t give up hope. Even rough grafts sometimes take.
In the past 2 weeks, I have had what were apparently failed grafts sprout leaves. These were on grafts from early April-3 months ago! One was Ashmead’s Kernal, one was Rambo, and one is unidentified because it’s been so long that the tag disappeared. Either Sweet 16 or Grimes, so if it ever fruits, I’ll figure it out. This is my third year of grafting- it’s so gratifying!
Has anyone else had some late arrivals?

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I have a Tanner pecan with a 1 inch sprout that was grafted on April 25th. Pecan is notorious for sitting around for a few months before deciding to grow. Hint, you have to keep removing rootstock sprouts to eventually get the scion to grow.


Koren giant pear (I believe) - had nowhere to put it so sitting on golden delicious apple.


Two out of three isn’t bad for such an early persimmon graft. Rossyanka looks like it’s about to start a second flush:


Got a real late start but I lucked out and got several Stella’s to take on a wild cherry. July is way too late. Lol


Thanks to everyone here, I made my first grafts this year and they went well!

If you have done a cleft or bark graft on apple or pear and have multiple scions that are doing well, when do you select one and cut the others off?

Also, I had several whip grafts where I left 3 buds on the scionwood and now all three buds are growing. Is there a time I should reduce to one? The whip grafts are all part of frameworking part of larger old trees, so all three buds have substantial growth. They’re too close together to be separate branches.

(Aside: The frameworking book said to use scion wood with 6-8 buds but I did not have enough at that length so made due with what I had. Now I am more confident and will be trying more of this next year!)

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Wow! I thought you’d been doing this a lot longer! It’s so encouraging to see how successful even new grafters are. Definitely gave me confidence to go out and try it.

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@benthegirl … yes… did my first grafting spring 2022… a mulberry bark graft and 4 apples to m7 rootstock (all whip tounge) all were successful.

Since then lots of grafts each spring and lots of trading for scion wood. I have grafted goumis CHE cherry apple pear plum lots of persimmon mulberries, etc… with very high succeas rates on all.

But now all my life i have been a hunter, trapper, preditor hunter, fisherman… which all involve a lot of knife work… i like to carve and whittle… having good knife skills (allready) probably made my transition into grafting seem easy… or perhaps easier than it might be for some.

Having good knife skills… simply takes practice and time. Every spring i collect some extra scionwood and sit on my back porch practicing whip/toung and modified cleftgrafts for a few hours.

Good Luck to you !!!



Are those dormant scions that you bark grafted?

I had never thought about that, the knife work is evident. Makes sense, glad you explained that, always made my rough cuts feel bad when looking at yours haha

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