7a-8b The Carolinas, southern Virginia and northern Georgia/AL/MS

If you’ve never been to Atlanta, expect traffic to be a disaster any weekday morning and 4-6PM. Atlanta is very spread out which can make getting around a challenge. MARTA, the local mass transit/heavy rail/bus system, often won’t get you where you want to go when you want to be there, but the rail system especially is usually a much more pleasant experience than driving. Uber or Lyft might be your best bet. The Atlanta Beltine is an under construction pedestrian/bike loop that is popular, but take a look at the very well done map to plan your ride. Little five points is one area with a bunch of bars and restaurants. There’s always some rock music playing somewhere like Smith’s Old Bar. Oh, and right now we’re beginning the summer weather misery season, with blazing temperatures, high humidity, and little wind. Temperatures predicted at/above 100 next week.

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Ha ha That is my street name by 5 points

I suppose I could try to keep my location hidden
(OFF the main street but not my side street )

but I was just on the Chicago news anyways by my street
so to keep anonymity of my location is not possible.

I hope this trip will be good
when in san Antonio Texas I meet friends for life right by my street name as well.

I am not even going to get into why I am going
that is a very strange reason (PM me),
but something is leading me there.