A little discouraged today-deer damage

It’s on OHxF 97. I had selected 3 branches at 2’ length because I never had deer issues. But now I’m regretting it. Hopefullly they move away and don’t find my yard worth another visit.

Unfortunately they made a second visit to my yard. I hope they leave yours alone.

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A couple years ago, one of them showed up but all it ever did was browse my daylilies, then never saw it again

I’m able to get away with plastic netting or pieces of chicken wire on the trees themselves for most of my stuff (this is without fruit). My deer have a thing about chewing anything but leaves/foliage, although just string put here and there didn’t cover enough to bother all of them.

Then rutting season is different. I have to use strong wire to protect against those bucks. One broke a nice strong scaffold (1 of 3) right off my almond tree! Had to be a big guy!

But most of the time I just keep pieces of that dark plastic netting draped over various branches I don’t want them to chomp. My deer are pretty lazy about most of my orchard, thank goodness (and not cherries – they love bush cherries best here!).

We do have coyotes that chase them here and my orchard is more open area than the location of most other things they like to eat, so that may be it? Or the forest trees are just yummy, too :slight_smile:

Oops, I was thinking apple for some reason. Pear trees tend to be taller, so you could shape the tree into bowl with branches starting low. Deer, however, might routinely clean off any new shouts and fruit below 6’. Another issue, you won’t be able to install a trunk baffle to stop climbing animals, if that problem arises.

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