A. plum as a peach or cherry rootstock?


Do you know anyone who has successfully grafted & grown sweet cherries on Nadia?
Or used Nadia as an interstem from plum to cherry successfully?


I have yet to try to use Nadia as a interstem but id bet it would do the trick just fine. Maybe ill try a little this year. My go to interstem is Zdwarf.


I have grafted nectarine on plum rootstock and i had fruits in second year on that small tree.

I also tried to graft cherry on plum rootstock all lived 2-3 years and than graft died.


Jesse, how did your peaches and nectarine p americana do this past season?


and Tony – how are your trees doing? Still well?


Yes, my plums and pluots are still growing strong on wild plum rootstocks.



Peaches and nectarine on p americana grew well, and seem to have set some flower buds on 3-4’ whips.


The CRFG compatibility charts does not mention prunus americana but lists peach on both Asian and Euro plum as incompatible. They list it as occasionally compatible with apricot and almond.


I’m not too surprised by that given that it is an eastern US species. Why bother with suckering, thorny P. americana if you are in CA?

I looked in the Fedco catalog and they do mention that P. americana can be used as a peach rootstock. So in addition to the above post suggesting they may be putting their peaches on american plum, they are also suggesting it as a peach rootstock. One would think if it showed delayed compatibility they wouldn’t be doing it.

I’m going to try to graft Contender peach to P. americana suckers this spring.


I have read one moden study that rates p americana highly as a dwarf or semi dwarf rootstock for peach and several old manuals that say the same.


I will update as my test subjects mature…one more year in the nursery, then they will get planted out. In the meantime, I’ll be grafting more peach on plum this spring.


I have 1 AM plum stock that I’d love to try grafting peach onto. I have a Reliance & Red Haven, I’m in Z5B, anyone have a good tasting northern hardy peach scion they wouldn’t mind sharing?


I’m not positive mine is pure p americana (it was from an alderman seedlings, but looks exactly like wild plum leaf/shape/etc) and mine has never suckered. Mine flowered/fruited Saturn peach last summer just fine. Good rootstock for these colder areas me thinks…plus it doesn’t seem to get hit with borers like my peach seedlings (which get hit super hard).

I will say that the wood is very weak…as in heavy winds…the branches will just tear…so keeping crotch angles good and making sure to not let branches over fruit/short is probably good thing to watch for.


That’s what I was going to comment on. You put peaches on wild plums and borers get “stumpified” and usually don’t bother the peach tree (according to a local friend here in IL.)



I did my first grafts on American Plum last spring. Here is what I posted under the hot callusing thread.

Here is the same Fantasia tree now. It is probably a little over 3’ tall and 2’ diameter. I had to fence them because a deer mowed them back early on. I hope they do well, because I’m loving the results so far. Plum roots perform much better than peach roots in my landscape.



DId you ever have any luck with the Prunus americana Rootstock for peaches? Or anything else for that matter?



P americana has worked as rootstock for hybrid plums for a few years, most are p salicina x p americana. Peaches and nectarine grew well on p americana in the nursery last year, no peaches yet though!


I have Lovell, Myro, and P Americana this year for a variety of peaches, plums, pluots, apricots, nectarine scions. I’m trying to decide on what will go on what. I have some pluots I really don’t want to take a chance on and am thinking they may be best grafted to the Myro. I know you’ve work with a bit or all of these stone fruits…

What say you on who goes with who??


I am not an expert, but my advice would be to put your peaches, nects, apricots on lovell,
euro plums, pluots on myro, and hybrid plums on p americana.


Thanks! Not sure I have many hybrid plums scions… might try some experimenting on the americana.



Not sure if Mustang (cherry-plum) is available in the USA but could be interesting to you. I have had pretty easy propagation of cherry plums by rooting hardwood cuttings so this could be easy for personal/noncommercial use and Mustang is listed as compatible with MANY stonefruit and hardy to zone 2 without the problems of suckers or incompatibility of P. americana and P. besseyi. No mention of cherry compatibility though.

P.S. I have no affiliation with breeder or nurseries.

Botanical name: Prunus x ‘Jefchum’

Origin: ‘Mustang’ is a complex Prunus hybrid with demonstrated potential for wide use as a clonal understock. It has proven effective for budding various Prunus cultivars (both fruiting and ornamental types) throughout North America. It is bud compatible with P. armeniaca (Apricot), P. salicina (Japanese Plum), P. Americana (American Plum), P. persica (Peach) and possibly other related stocks including Thundercloud.

Hardiness: Zone 2 (Canadian and USDA)

Description: Mustang™ has several advantages over other existing rootstocks:

o clonal rootstock with consistent budding results
o non-suckering understock (in contrast to P. americana)
o no basal suckering (in contrast to P. besseyi)
o fibrous root that provides strong anchorage (in contrast to P. besseyi)
o certified virus free from tissue culture
o wide compatibility across Prunus species
o ease of propagation from softwoods or tissue culture