Advice on transporting apricot pits and starting seeds

Just trying to be informative - nothing more, nothing less.

This is much more common to have things sent than some people realize. Both seeds and dried fruit. I understand that there can be a danger of disease spread - but with online sellers through reputable means I find it doubtful.

As for a guy bring seeds in? Without fruit its highly unlikely. Many of the laws do have to do with disease spread. A huge portion has to do woth protecting commercial regions like Champange in France or Prosecco in Italy. Its market protection for large grower co-ops or ag companies.

These two are both available in the USA.

@Petey - crack open. Stratify in cold fridge for several weeks and plant. Honestly i have a dozen from my compost pile right now that i did nothing with. But thats from probably 100s. With ones that are ‘special’ I’d take the extra time to ensure sprouting.

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Nice little forum on fruits…not as good as this one but i read some stuff there.

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