All things tractors thread


Kevin, we have a lot of implements so we’re still exchanging what’s on the tractors all the time. The tiller is 6’ and best used on a hydrostatic drive, so it’s limited to the New Holland because the horse power on the Ferguson is too low. We have an auto-feed woodchipper that has to go on the New Holland because it requires the higher HP and it’s heavy enough that it lifts the front end of the 641’s (not a good feeling when you’re going up a hill, I’ve actually had to back up a hill to keep it from lifting). For us, more tractors has meant more implements and more implements means more switching out what you’re using on any particular day.


Great question Kevin. Been strategically placing fruit trees for last couple years. We had a vision for where the house would be many years ago and kept treees away from that area.
Our property is laid out in 20 acres like a triangle hand with 3 fingers. I have an orchard on the left and right finger and have left the middle finger open for the house.


I hate hooking things up to my 3 point, but I think the hardest implement for me to get hooked up is the plow. Maybe it’s because there’s less margin for error, I think perhaps because it’s narrower. I always have to have my wife help me line it up, as it’s very frustrating trying to do it myself. Thankfully I only use once a year…


Any Kubota tractor owners here? Got a Kubota BX-25D. Recently got a low tire and not sure how I fill these tires?


The tires on my current and past Kubota had normal valve stems. It may have a stem is only visible from the inside of the tire


Rented a 45 HP Kioti to pull my new RS15 ripper. Was the largest tractor the rental place had and it struggled to pull it in virgin ground. Took 2-3 passes to get full depth, in low gear. Recently purchase 40 acres that has some rocks and a 2" clay layer down about 14 inches. Spent the whole day yesterday working it where Im planting trees next spring. Currently its just prairie… Couple pics of the tractor with ripper, sorry didnt think of taking any ‘action’ pics. RS 15 is supposed to go down 24" inches, I didnt measure the exact depth, but it got down pretty far. Only sheared 1 pin the whole day also, probably because I was going SO SLOW! Definitely would benefit from a little larger tractor for this device, at least in compacted/clay soil.


I’m needing to change the oil on my John Deere. I was wondering what brand and weight of oil you guys like to use. I was at Tractor Supply the other day and it seems like 15W-40 seems to be the most prevalent weight for diesel motors. Mine has a 2.9L three cylinder diesel.



Im going to need a tractor sometime, recently purchased 40 acres and Im in the process of planting a bunch of trees. Need to keep grass down, use for moving snow and dirt, id like the ability to disc and subsoil and plow with it also, between rows and for new plantings. I rented a 40hp for a day and it works, but seems a little too small for what I want, I have a single claw subsoiler and it really struggled to pull it through the dirt. Im thinking something in the 60hp range might be ideal, but the frames seem to get bigger fairly fast at that size. Anyone have a recommendation as to a specific brand/model that does what I need without breaking the bank and not getting too large to use in an orchard? Planning to grow berries mostly, haskap, canadian cherries, currants, etc… How old is too old?


Buy as big as you can afford. I bought 32 horse, 55 horse and ended up with 75 horse. I have 52 acres and just found I couldn’t do the work I needed to. Unless of course you are just mowing? Less is fine then. If you have a Front Loader, or any substantial equipment on it get as big as will be feasible and you can afford. You won’t be disappointed…My 75 horse pulls a subsoiler just like that with ease. Rips all roots out and will pull some stumps as well…


I find that odd, that a 40hp tractor struggles to pull a single subsoiler through the soil, unless it’s really rocky, heavy soil. My JD is rated at 40hp and it pulls a 14" double bottom plow pretty easily. But, my soil is not real heavy either.

I use mine also to also disk, bush hog and sometimes some grading work, and it has no issue with those implements.

I wouldn’t even consider a new tractor, way too expensive. Mine is over 30 years old, I paid about $7K for it and does all I need. I think most guys on here like JD, Kubota, Massey Ferguson and old Ford tractors. You should be able to find a good used one under $10K. is a good site to look for a used rig.


Buying used is kinda scary as Im not really a mechanic and dont have a lot of tractor experience either. Id hate to end up with someone elses expensive to fix problem… Maybe some places do used tractor inspections like car dealerships do for used cars? If you know what I mean. Here is the subsoiler that I bought, it goes down 24+ inches. With the tractor I rented I had to go over several areas twice to get full depth. Trying to go deep on first pass on several occasions left me not moving or moving at a snails pace.


2 feet is a great depth. Mine goes 18". I didn’t know they made one 24 inches. Can you tell me who makes it? I have clay a few feet down and i do all of my acres i plant every spring for drainage…


Its land pride, I got it new at a good price. Evidently the dealer ordered one for a customer but company only sells them 2 at a time, so they had the extra one setting around for a while and I was able to negotiate them down a bit. Its nice and heavy duty. I only sheared one bolt while I was using it. I have a clay layer also thats down about 16 inches that I really wanted to break through before I planted trees and stuff.


I had a Landpride Bush mower. It was a beast, I sold it all beat up with new blades, 4 years old for $750.00…That was actually more than i was hoping for. Great equipment


I understand, it can be a gamble. Two years ago, mine had its water pump bearings go out, which caused the fan to go wonky, and that caused it to impale itself into the radiator (see post 75 above). It was a big repair job, but thankfully I was able to do it myself. I’m not trained in mechanical work, but am a technician, so that helped me a bit.

Well, I don’t know about that, but if you are going to look at some used rigs, maybe you could ask someone with tractor experience to go with you and check things out.

The brands I mentioned are known good ones, but it’s really about how much you want to spend and go from there. If you weren’t going to do any subsoiling work, a 50hp should be able to handle the chores you listed, including pulling a plow.

It’s nice to have one, but to be honest, I probably only use mine maybe 10 times a year- once each for plowing and disking, about 3-5 times for bush hogging and once or twice for some grading work. So, it sits most of the year.


Probably best to check (online is fine) to see if the manufacture has any specific recommendations, either for viscosity or oil grade. In general though you want to be sure to use only a good diesel oil in a diesel engine. Gas rated oils (and dual rated, IMO) do not have the ability to hold the carbon that diesels produce and will cause greater wear in a diesel. Also, depending upon age, your tractor may require a synthetic oil (likely if it has a turbo). There is some controversy about using synthetic in older engine which were not designed for it (can cause seals to leak).

Everyone has their favorite brand of oil, mine is Rotella for diesels. But you should be fine with any major brand diesel specific oil.


Thing to keep in mind when sizing a tractor is what jobs you will be doing with it regularly vs rarely or only once. Ripping the soil with a sub soiler may be the sort of thing you would only do once, and if so do you really want to buy the extra HP needed to do that if that is the only time you are going to need it? Might be more economical to rent or pay someone with a big rig to do that work, and get a smaller tractor for your regular chores.


Personally I use Rotella for diesel synthetic. It’s 5w 20 I think


Thanks. It isn’t a turbo, just a normal diesel. I saw Rotella (Shell) there (Tractor Supply), that’s probably what I’ll get. I checked my owners manual and 15W-40 would be a good oil for spring-fall use. Doesn’t say it needs synthetic. I’ll need about 8qt with a new filter.

TS has this on sale for $30 for 2.5 gal. Is this a good price for this?

I’ll also need to change the inner air filter, and maybe the outer as well. Probably wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and change the transmission/ hydraulic filter and fluid. Any suggestions for that fluid?

Do you recommend that the fuel filter should be changed, or is that a wait and see thing?

All this is gonna be costly, but need it done.


Mine only needs transmission/ hydraulic fluid every 1000 hours. I do my fuel filter every 100 hours. That is a good price. You might check shell for rebates. I always wait until I can get one but you might be where you need to now. I do my hydraulic fluid filter every 500 hours . Mine says I only have to do oil and filter every 500 hours but I do those every 200 hours. You can probably find a manual on line if you have exact model and access to internet.