All things tractors thread


Kevin, we have a lot of implements so we’re still exchanging what’s on the tractors all the time. The tiller is 6’ and best used on a hydrostatic drive, so it’s limited to the New Holland because the horse power on the Ferguson is too low. We have an auto-feed woodchipper that has to go on the New Holland because it requires the higher HP and it’s heavy enough that it lifts the front end of the 641’s (not a good feeling when you’re going up a hill, I’ve actually had to back up a hill to keep it from lifting). For us, more tractors has meant more implements and more implements means more switching out what you’re using on any particular day.


Great question Kevin. Been strategically placing fruit trees for last couple years. We had a vision for where the house would be many years ago and kept treees away from that area.
Our property is laid out in 20 acres like a triangle hand with 3 fingers. I have an orchard on the left and right finger and have left the middle finger open for the house.


I hate hooking things up to my 3 point, but I think the hardest implement for me to get hooked up is the plow. Maybe it’s because there’s less margin for error, I think perhaps because it’s narrower. I always have to have my wife help me line it up, as it’s very frustrating trying to do it myself. Thankfully I only use once a year…