All things tractors thread


Ugh, some days I wake up and wonder why we have cows, chickens, ducks and whatever else we’ve got running around here. Soooo much work to do every day. Is it worth it? I have no idea but if we got rid of everything we’d probably be bored out of our minds.


That’s exactly why I don’t want any critters. Because of other chores, my fruit trees have been neglected and have shameful amount of weeds around them. I cleared out three yesterday evening, and was sopping wet. Only 20 more to go, ugh… I wouldn’t have time to deal with even chickens right now.

What critter requires the most attention? I imagine cows are the most work, plus you gotta worry about them wondering off. How many types of eggs do you get? How many a day?

I started working on the tractor about 11, I got the radiator dropped in, but having a bear of a time getting the hoses hooked up. I’ve had to come in twice out of the heat to cool off and change clothes, I’m on T-shirt #2.

Well, better get back out there.


In terms of constant care, I wouldn’t say the cows are at the top of the list. You can basically turn them loose in a nice sized pasture and not worry too much about them. However all summer long you have to bail hay or purchase hay for them to survive the winter. Bailing hay is pretty hard work when you have old equipment like we do. If you have your place fenced in and you did a good job on the fencing, cows will stay where they are supposed to. Sometimes you’ll have to do maintenance on the fence which does require more work. I’d say the small animal work and the big animal work are about the same, just with the larger animals your doing big work over a period of time and the smaller animals it’s just day to day rigorous.

We have chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs and guinea eggs. It’s a pipe dream to think you can make money off of them too, I can’t get what they are charging for eggs in Wal-Mart so I feed the extra eggs back to the animals. I’d rather my animals have them than someone getting my hard work for next to nothing. Probably seems a bit callused but around here anyways, I just can’t sell anything at the prices I should be getting.


Sorry to hear about you not getting much for your eggs. You’d think folks would pay a premium for the exotic eggs, like quail, duck and guinea. But there has to be a demand for them too, I guess.

Our pasture is very hilly, and now the fencing is incomplete at best. It used to be where the old family horse was kept. A couple years ago, in the winter, she kept getting out and grazing in our yard. We could never figure how she would slip thru, even in the snow.

Finally my bro in law built up a fenced area for her in front of their place. But, occasionally she gets out and wanders over here. I have some fruit trees down by the barn, and I worry about her getting loose and snacking on them. They’re fenced in, but she could easily reach over it.

Since she’s been moved we have removed some of the fence line, there’s no use for it now, and we sure ain’t getting no cows…


Well, I got the radiator in, but getting that lower hose on took too long. It was an incredibly frustrating endeavor. Instead of using a hose clamp like there is on the top of the hose, they used a spring loaded clamp on the bottom end. I had to have my wife help me get it on the right place, and then it went too far over, it’s partially off the hose and on the metal flange of the radiator. I bet we wasted an hour trying to get it back in the right position, and still didn’t get it done. My tools just wouldn’t do the job, so I went to borrow my BIL’s tools, but it was dark by then.

I was going to get up early this morning and try to get out there and beat the heat, but was awoken by rain, and it’s coming down harder now. We were supposed to get some scattered rain later this afternoon, so they missed that one. Good thing I threw the tarp back over the tractor last night…

Can’t believe it’s raining again, here’s my shocked face: :fearful:


Don’t blame you. When they do get out they are a pain in the butt to get back in. Usually they escape because the bull has been rubbing on the fence trying to get to the younger females in a separate pen. Sometimes trees fall and you don’t know about it until you see a cow staring at you in your window of a morning. We built one bull pen and wish all of our fencing was built the same but we’re not made of money so we will repair and maintain what we got. We’ve replaced almost all of our fencing, which the older had been here since my grandpa built it, so it was the main reason cows kept getting out. Since we put the new in we don’t have much of a problem.

Our amish neighbor built a jurrasic park looking fence on his property, would love to have his funds.

Yeah I think there are so many people around here selling eggs that it’s not really a thing people want a lot of. Same goes for garden crops and fruit. I have been hatching and selling guineas recently pretty well but it’s a hard sell with people trying to low ball you for almost full grown birds. The only reason I’m selling them as good as I am is because people can’t find them anywhere else.


Damn, that was fun! I had to buy a 1 11/16 inch ratchet, a 3/4 drive wrench and two extensions. A 4 inch and a 10 inch to get over the gearbox. I fanally after WD40 and a serious breaker bar. My wrench handle is a slip type you can use from either side that slides through the wrench head. Some serious work with the breaker bar and the bolts on the Landpride mower deck holding the blades in place came lose and I have been able to remove them. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them back on! Unfortunately I bent them both on stumps. I must say they were severely rounded and didn’t have a lot of metal on them anyway. This is my first time changing them on my own and I would definitely appreciate any tips from some who have done this before, thnx…


How many trips to the hardware store?


Hahahaha…so very lucky this time. I had everything here and the trips were zero. Quite proud of myself on this one!


Are you talking about your bush-hog? I couldn’t quite get the gist of your post.

If you are, I don’t know that much about them myself. We have one, it’s been here on the farm for years, long before I got here. But it works, although, it needs the PTO shaft cover replaced, it’s pretty much in tatters.

I’ll let the others who have more experience with such stuff to answer your question.

Btw, all I have left on my tractor repair is to get a spring-loaded hose clamp to attach to my lower radiator hose properly, get the upper hose attached, fill it with coolant, and that should do it. My bro-in-law said he’d help me with it soon.


I guess i just thought bush hog but never typed it. Duh… Yes sir i am talking bush hog.


OK, the tractor’s all put back together. My BIL helped me get that stupid hose clamp on a few days ago, and I got the rest of the hoses and other stuff hooked up.

All I need to do is put some coolant/water in and it should be ready. A question though: I can’t seem to find the block coolant drain plug, just one by the oil cooler, and the radiator drain plug. So, there’s a little bit of the old green coolant (maybe less than a pint) left in system. I have some new pre-charged coolant that is pink in color.

Would it be OK to just add this new coolant/distilled water mix to the system, and be done with it? If I could find the block drain plug, I’d like to put some regular tap water in, let it warm up, and drain that out as a flush. Then I would put the new coolant/water mix in. The instructions for the new coolant says it’s OK to mix other coolants with it.

What say y’all?


I’d want to fill and drain a couple of times, or run it and add water while it drains until it comes clear. But you will be left with extra water if your coolant is pre-mixed. So your final coolant will be a weak mix. Better to do fill with undiluted coolant and adjust the amount of water used.


For a small rotary cutter, it can sometimes be less expensive to replace the whole PTO shaft (driveline) than to replace the guard.

Agri Supply has some very inexpensive ones.


Thanks, Murky. I’d do that if I could find all the drain plugs, but am having trouble finding the block drain. My stupid owner’s manual shows a pic of a drain, but it’s not on the same spot on my tractor. Plus, it’s been tough finding it online.

I think the coolant is the concentrated version, no water that I know of. I’d like to do just a water flush at first and then fill it with the coolant/distilled water mix for keeps.

Yes, I’ve seen those covers, they are not cheap. Haven’t looked for a complete PTO shaft + cover yet. I don’t even know what brand the BH is, it was here long before I got here, and the label is wore off. Prob would just take a standard shaft/cover, tho.


I’m suggesting you do what you described, for fill and drain, but probably more than once, until the last “drain” is clear water.

Look up or figure out your total coolant capacity. Add half that capacity of undiluted coolant and top off with distilled water.

As for the PTO shaft, there is no “standard” cover. Even the so-called universal ones only work on some and are expensive. You need to know what type of connection you have on the tractor and what type you have on the brush hog.

After much scrolling up thread, I see that you have a John Deere 2040 which looks like it uses a 6 spline on the tractor end. How is the current driveline attached to the brush hog? You probably need to match diameter and shear pin.


Oh for Christs Sake. It’s a tractor. Fill it up with 50/50 and run it!


I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you Daemon. But, I worry a little about mixing colors. Doesn’t necessarily mean the coolants are incompatible, but I might try to do a little investigating before mixing.

I am actually more concerned with the care of tractors than automobiles. I view automobiles as disposable, but a tractor (if taken care of) can last a lifetime (and often do).

I plan to start using the factory brand oem coolant for my tractor. I used to use the supposedly high quality Pennzoil extended life, but have since read that it can slowly eat some seals on older engines.


You could probably run it on straight water if you wanted as long as you put anti freeze in before cool weather


The coolant I have is Fleet Charge with SCA added from Peak, made specifically for heavy duty diesels. It was about $16 a gallon at Tractor Supply. Just add distilled water to get the proper mix. The little bit of coolant that’s still in there is green. This new stuff is pink, but supposedly can be mixed with other coolants.

I think I may have figured out where the block drain is. There is a block heater on the engine, and I believe it’s hooked up to the block drain on one side. Of course, I can’t verify it now, but I’ve been looking at system diagrams, and compared it to my manual, and I think I know where it is.