Allegheny Chinkapins

Sometimes USDA Big Flatts New York will ship Allegheny chinkapins per request. That’s where I got a bush of the strain called Copper- a strain w/ cold hardy potential as many of the bushes seem to be able to survive upstate NY-like winter conditions. That must be 6a/5b-level cold.

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Do you boil or. Roast them first? Such a pretty shell!

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I ate them RAW! Sweet, tender, starchy, and delicious!

I’m sure if I bothered to bake or roast them, they’d be even tastier! I’ll try that if I ever get bigger crops in future years… :slightly_smiling_face:


I know this is an older thread but I am curious if any of you are still growing chinquapins? Mostly interested in Seguinii, but if your AC have had no issues with blight I’d be curious about those too!
I’m building up my chinquapin collection with some Ozark chinquapin hybrids(ozark x (ozark x crenata)) and a few henryi hybrid trees. Id love to find a good source for seguinii seed nuts or saplings.

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