'Angel Red' pomegranate

I have 17 different varieties on my slope, so lots of cross pollinating options. I think they just need more nutrition. I do prune during the winter. I wouldn’t say super hard, with the exception of ‘Wonderful’, which can become a monster fast. I think I’ll buy a bag of GroMulch for each and fertilize a bit more in Jan/Feb. Will also most likely use GroPower, really like their products.

Ha! I should’ve known. :smile:

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Heh heh :sunglasses:

Just an FYI for anyone wanting to try ‘Angel Red’ pom for the first time. Check your local Costco store. I saw crates of them stacked high on a recent visit. Enjoy!

Thanks for the head’s up, Clint. I was going to run to Costco tomorrow to pick up a few things, so I’ll see if they are at my local Costco.

‘Angel Red’ by the crate in Costco Northridge:


Okay, cannot miss that. Yum. Thanks, Clint, now I know what to look for. Off to Costco.

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Just had my first good Angel Red from my tree. I kind of forgot about it and noticed it had split open yesterday. OH MY GOSH! It was the best pomegranate that I have ever had. Super sweet!

I had one earlier this year but it must not have been fully ripe as it was not that sweet. Can’t wait till the next crop.

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Surprised to hear that you’ve had an AR pom hang around this long. They’ve been long gone from my lot, and all the leaves have dropped. That said, I’m not surprised that it’s the best pom you’ve had. The soft seeds to go along with the ‘Wonderful’ taste – are a winning combination.

We have a Sweet and an Angel Red and both are fully leafed out still. They didn’t drop their leaves last year as well. Haven’t had fruit yet from the Sweet.

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I recall the selection of “Angel Red” from the accessions at Wolfskill. The criteria were (#1) appearance and (#2) taste. Based on double-blind selection the propagator chose an accession. I believe that in terms of marketing fresh fruit, the sponsor got the best fruit in appearance followed by a very good tasting pomegranate. But for home orchards, it is not necessarily the case unless you can reproduce the conditions at the sponsor’s location.