Anyone grow columnar apples?


That’s good to hear. I think my Scarlet may be on M111, it’s heavy with Burr Knots at the base. I’ll let them bear a moderate crop this year if they set one and follow up with a light Summer pruning for shape and a little more TLC to try and boost mine up to eventual goal of a max 9 feet. I haven’t fertilized them at all, native soil only and dressed with woodchips, the trees are healthy and I wanted a few years without fertilizer to see how they acted. Just recently put some aged horse manure and homemade compost down around them, and the buds are just beginning to swell. I like the tight bottle-brush shape you’ve pruned your tree to, that would suit my site just fine!


The apple Dudley is also known as North Star.


While reading “Apples for the 21st Century” by Warren Manhart - a second time around for me - I once again was impressed by the information given about Kandil Sinap. It “grows like a Lombardy poplar.”

There are also tantalizing gaps in the information. No mention of diseases or insect problems. Is it that good to grow?
Since I just got word the HOS Propagation Fair for Portland, Oregon has been cancelled, I dare ask: Anyone with Kandil Sinap scions?


Kandil Sinap looks like it has cylindrical fruit not a columnar growing tree.


I guess my understanding of columnar has been a rather loose term, in your view.


I was going to plant these in DC but after 3 years I decided to just keep them in NJ.