Anyone grow ginseng?


The seeds came stratified and most are already sprouting. I put them in the crisper to halt there progress till I could muster the time to plant them out.


That’s great. That means they are definitely viable seeds. I would just plant them now.


Promised the wife to clean up the yard first before starting any more projects. Spent all day and I’m preaty close but now the forecast is for rain with maybe a break by Wednesday.


Has anybody here had success with any ginseng and a dry climate? This is a really crappy year to be almost out of all the kinds of ginsengs. If not do you guys think these would work in fabric containers on a drip (and how wet do they need to stay all winter?)


My family had wild ginseng growing everywhere in my childhood. Most of it was stolen through the years. One of my cousins harvested a lot of it with my grandpas permission. It takes 20 years before a patch is truly valuable. It likes the ancient 100+ year old forests in my experience. I knew about it because as a child i found it hunting other berries and asked my grandpa what it was. We frequently were in the forest together hunting for hogs, cows etc that he raised. We naturally hunted wild foods at the same time. A quick internet search yields these photos which are accurate.
You might find this article interesting The article does mention the cherokee connection to this plant. What the plant looked like was a secret i was asked to keep in my childhood as well as locations where it grew. The few families in those days that we knew of who could identify it were part cherokee the same as us. It grows naturally in my experience on southern facing steep hills in 70% or greater shade. It cannot be grown in sunlight or on completely flat ground that accumulates water. You can find it growing on some flat ground in forests and on any sloap not necessarily southern side. It also likes old growth forest rich soil made from leaf accumulation through hundreds of years.


Anyone started with roots like these from the H-Mart?

Any suggestions before I plant them?



Any luck with planting them? I know most roots that are sold to be planted are dug up when they’re dormant.


I planted them last Thursday. I’m hoping that they do something…

I’ll post if they make an appearance…