Apple Tasting for All


The University of Idaho has an orchard in Sandpoint, ID, 20 or so miles from me, and they had an apple tasting a couple weeks ago. A friend and I went. Many apples were OK, some I really liked. Of course, Honeycrisp was the sweetest and crispiest. They had a Hubbardston Nonsuch which I really liked. I had bought a scion this spring, it didn’t grow for me, but my daughter has a limb growing.
I liked Alexander and Tolman Sweet, both crisp and sweet, but the web information says they are not great keepers. I need a tasty keeper. I do have a small Gold Rush limb if it ripens here for me someday.
They had Niedzwetzkyana which looked so pretty and was such a disappointment, it was dry and soft. But after reading about it on here I think I will get a scion just because it looks so pretty and has pink blossoms. Posting a couple photos from the sampling. If anyone has tried these or know how they grow please let me know.
They grow more kinds than they had at the tasting.

Last photo is from my little apple tree that lost its labels a long time ago. The bigger apples are getting soft already, I picked them before I had a hard freeze mid Oct. The smaller ones are still quite firm and good tasting.032


Found a while back, which might be of particular interest to those living in the northeast :slight_smile:


I really like that one too, it is in its own category of taste unlike nearly all other apples … mild but interesting.