Apple tree strange bark. Disease?

image image

Walking through the trees today and noticed some strange bark. One is really shaggy. A few trees have little spots making ring on trunk

Looks like sunburn damage in the 1st pic and sapsucker damage in the second.



So 50/50 interior latex after I descale the sun damage for that tree and loosely wrap burlap around sapsucker damage to deter bird?


Wow. I have never seen sapsucker damage on anything other than maple, birch, oak and pine. Didn’t know they could go after apples too!

Yep, I’ve got sapsucker damage on mature apple trees…but no real harm that I am aware of.

I’ve also seen them do their thing on Bradford Pears.

Not sure if this guy will make it. Looking pretty sad with that scald damage. Anything I can do now or just wait and see if it makes it. Odd that in is just this one tree out of 30.

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Looks like it is trying to survive. A number of the upper branches are dying. New growth seems above original graft. I guess I’ll just let it grow for now unless you all have better ideas

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