Apples Like Grimes Golden

I looked up Indar for apple rots; according to Apple Summer Rots and Sooty Blotch & Flyspeck – Wisconsin Fruit

DMI (FRAC 3) fungicides (ex. Indar, Inspire Super) are effective against SBFS but not against fruit rot

Somehow I never noticed that before. They go on to do a good job of enumerating what works best for apple rots. I think I will get one more fungicide for future years for apple rots.


I was going to ask you if Hawaii did well here. I had a multigrafted tree that had a Hawaii limb on it, but the whole tree (on M26) snapped off at the graft union at the base in July. Would’ve had a good crop, too.

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I usually spray my apples with Luna Sensation when I am doing brown rot sprays on peaches. This year I didn’t spray but one time for late season rot and it got a foothold with all the rain here.


After looking at some of the fungicide prices I’m going to try the combination you suggest. I got behind on spraying. Everything looked so pristine and then, well, you know how it goes.

I had one pink lady apple this year. Been watching it closely and even put an organza bag over it and thought I tied it to the branch.

Next day, no apple, no bag, no core, no leaves on the ground, nothing. Hmmm. I immediately went over and took off the one king David apple I have. I left the single winter banana though. They seem to leave the golden and green apples alone more so than the red.

I also took off one drippin honey from a two year old graft. Nice size. It looks similar to my Korean giant but I’m pretty sure I have it labeled right. It has characteristics of both. They don’t seem to have many pests, but if there is a peck or rot, look out for the yellow jackets!


Sorry to hear of your stolen apples.
Been there done that…varmints.

Mostly I beat them this year here.

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