Arctic Star & Arctic Glo, when do they ripen?


Here it has been super dry, only lately has it been wet, yeah just before harvest WTF?~!
Still even with all the rain the ground is still dry and the grass brown. When i say all the rain we have had 3 inches in the last 2 weeks. Many of my potted plants suffered drought damage. I’m rarely here this time of year.


I grafted Arctic Gol and Arctic Star on Autumn Star peach tree in 2016. The mother tree is 6 years old. Both grafts grew vigorously. Both had fruit last year but they mostly rotted.

This year, Arctic Star leafed out well and bloomed. Then, it died, the whole graft. Not sure why.

Arctic Glo continues to grow and bore about 10 fruit this year. With 3 Indar spray a couple of insecticide and lot of Surround, they still don’t look good. The taste was excellent. Fruit size was small to medium. Not sure why they tasted that good. It has rained a lot and often for a month now.


I’m talking about trees in full production with tremendous root access to water and nutrients. Bushels of fruit that I have to give away. I’ts a lot more fun when the fruit is amazing than just good.


Sorry, I don’t have many full size trees. Most of the varieties I have are grafted branches. For this Arctic Glo, the mother tree is a full size tree.


I picked Arctic Star today. I have about 6-7 of them. Unfortunately, most had some rot in them. I cut off the rotten part and we ate the good parts.

If you want sweet nectarines, Arctic Star is for you. Brix measured at 18. There was no acid in it. If you want some acid, go with Arctic Glo.

It took me many minutes to try to take a picture of the brix using a camera in my iPad.

Here’s the reading.


Amazing at our difference in harvesting Artic Star, mine were done exactly 2 months ago.


Do you like yours?

I wish mine could be cleaner. It has too many issues from thrips, cracks, rot on top of several pest. It is harder than peaches. No thrips or cracks with peaches.


I like mine so much, it will be the last trees that I will chop down. As for as production and reliability it is my number on cultivar. Over the last three years, I have had near perfect fruit , thanks to my rigid spray regime. @fruitnut was right about this one, a real winner in my orchard.


I helped harvest nice nectarines yesterday that required only 4 Surround apps and a single Indar app almost a month ago- and we’ve been living in a monsoon. I was very pleasantly surprised. Indar is magic.


Would you mind sharing your rigid spray regime?