Are any wine grapes good for eating in zone 10A? Or is table better?

I grow a few grapes that are classified for both table and wine use.

And solaris for example.

Although im in a marginal climate for wine growing. I think we here have different standards for what a “good” table or wine grape is.

The grapes i grow that are “multi purpose” i usualy like the aroma more off. But they are less refreshing. Don’t have crispy texture (don’t snap) usualy have thicker skin and more noticible seeds.

I know some people who like the wine grapes more for eating. But on average most people like the table grapes more. In the end it will be a personal thing. I can tell you though if you only like the crispiest of apples. And really vallue texture over flavor. I don’t think you’ll like the wine grapes over table for fresh eating.

Yes thin skin like Thompson seedless. I’d like to try Thomcord, a cross of Thompson and Concord, or some such I’ve heard about.


I just ordered a Thomcord from Stark Bros. It should arrive this week.


I tried Thomcord from Trader Joe’s (both fresh and dried raisins). You can indeed taste both of its parents - Thomson and Concord. It has vestigial seeds and chewy skin (still edible). The raisins were good too.

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