Are there any avocados that are truly cold hardy?

Actually it is a cultivar from Arizona, not a native species.

Beware of nurseries writing ad copy to lure desperate growers.

I just got a Stewart for planting also. We’ll have to compare notes :slight_smile:

Note that Stewart and Stuart are different cultivars.

I live near Phoenix, where the Aravaipa seedling was found. My understanding was that its claim to fame was being tolerant to 120F heat and sun. The lowest temps Phoenix sees are in the low 20s, so I’m not confident how cold hardy it is below that. This certainly doesn’t mean it’s NOT cold hardy down to 10-15F, though.

The Aravaipa might be a good choice for @jujubemulberry out in Las Vegas.

Good to know! They are used interchangeably on online forums. (The same ones that had me worried it would not be very productive). Hopefully I picked the right one for Poway!

you got that right! I am still waiting for it to become a bit more mainstream. Apart from being (expectedly) in-demand, there seems to be no online nursery carrying it.
Have seen plenty of youtube videos depicting aravaipas being grown somewhat out in the open in phx, which is quite encouraging. Only caveat is that even though it is generally hotter there during summer, humidity there seems to be higher than here…which seems to be an influential factor.

Yes, Stewart is the more common, recommend for your area, and has a very good flavor. The other “Stuart” is a straight Mexicola with relatively poor flavor – at least in comparison to avocado fruits we are familiar with from stores.

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