Aronia Harvest


It’s very dry so it does make an incredible wine. Love it when it’s mixed 40:1 with apple juice since I’m not the type to drink dry wine. Try it with the apple juice it’s a big hit with my family.


going to try these cooked together with apples into sauce. should be awesome!
im about a week away from harvest.


Aronia are a resilient plant! The berries looked dried up and dead during the drought but ironically most of the plants lived and the dried up berries plumped up! This harvest is nothing short of miraculous!


picking mine tomorrow. the dry summer made them very sweet. been eating some here and there all week.


So now I feel like I need to try “raintree select Aronia”, anyone growing this variety? Looking for cuttings… :wink:

I got some berries from a friend this weekend, ran them through the juicer also, juice measured 18 brix! Made some jam mixed with grape puree. My favorite so far is 4 cups of grape puree, 1 cup rhubarb juice, 1 cup aronia juice, 4 tbsp LM3 pectin and 3 cups sugar. I made some that is 50/50 grape puree and aronia that is pretty dang good also.


Jam or jelly?


just harvested my galjanka and viking. made some glam jam and dried the rest. gonna have to try your recipe Derek. still haven’t found a recipe im really crazy over. thinking maybe trying a b. currant/ aronia jam mix.


If anyone here drinks cola. Ive been adding about 15ml of straight aronia juice / can and its pretty good. Reminds me of cherry coke, but better.


I find Viking & McKenzie are very good berries at my location! My location is far from ideal due to lack of water sometimes. All of the revenue from my fruit the last couple of years is generated by the aronia harvest. In Iowa yields can be 100 pounds per bush but in my location the harvest on a mature bush is around 10 pounds. The bad thing is my Aronia are increasing in production and I will need to branch out to sell them further away in a couple of years. Most all of my berries go to a large juice company and a brewery.


aronia grows great here. mine are 3rd. leaf and average about 20lbs. biggest problem here is winter snow damage breaks half of last seasons growth. i bet i could get about 50lbs/ bush if i could find a way to minimize the damage. im considering buying land and growing/ selling them commercially also. no farmers around here sell them, or even know what they are. would do elderberry too. you have a berry harvester or hire pickers to harvest?


A berry harvester is about $30,000 so I worked a deal with a friend where he harvests the berries and he delivers them and he gets half the profits. I take care of the bushes.


Just harvested mine today, they were falling off on the ground, so I figured they were ready. They are disgusting. I have mine straining through cheesecloth now to remove the last of the fines. I’m going to try it with some apple juice in hope that it gets better but these things are terrible.

After I already cooked them, I found out if you freeze them, it takes the bitterness out of them, too late for that now. What a disgusting taste they have.


Mix it 40 parts apple juice to 1 part aronia and its amazing.


they arent the best tasting berry but i eat some right off the bush and they arent too bad. gonna try the juice mixed w/ honey i heard is pretty good.


I was able to get the juice enjoyable. You really need to get all the grit out of it, you don’t want that wollering around in your mouth. I had to let it drip through a few layers of cheesecloth, nice and smooth liquid now. I only had a few bottles of baby apple juice on hand but they did the trick.


So just reviewing this thread and I am curious. Are aronia the same as choke cherry? Or are they different?

I suspect they are closer to apple/pear than cherry, but some of the uses sound like how choke cherries were used.


No they are different aronia are a choke berry but not a choke cherry.


What brand and model masticating juicer? How do you like it? I have a steam juicer, but I notice the remaining pulp is very sweet after juicing my muscadines. I haven’t used it for aronia yet.


It’s an Omega, probably 8006. I don’t use it very often.

I was a bit surprised at how much sediment settled out of the aronia juice. I ran it through my finest mesh strainers, yet still…