Asian pear seedlings

Picked up some Asian pears (variety unknown; they’re merely identified as “apple pears”) from Costco recently, and they’re really good. I’m considering growing the seeds from them on a lark.

Is this just a waste of time? Do Asian pears take over a decade to mature and/or are they as bad as apples when it comes to producing useful seedlings?

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If you get them to grow enough to cut a piece of scion from you could graft them on a mature tree and have fruit in two years.


Do it for fun. You might be the lucky one that creates the next great pear. I’m doing the same as Derby42. Grafting is my only option due to space limitations.


@tonyOmahaz5 grows an Asian pear seedling if I remember correctly. I think it’s absolutely worth a try! Asian pears produce in most cases half the time of other pears.

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Thanks, sounds like it’s worth a shot if I use the “graft to a mature tree” technique. My named Asian pear should be ready by then, and if not, there’s always callery.

Is there more information on that trick? I find it interesting that both grafting a mature stick to immature roots and grafting an immature stick to mature roots would both yield a mature tree.

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Cut a small piece off your seedling pear next year and top work it to a callery similar to what I did in this thread Top working Pears weather permitting

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