Asian pear—what is this?


Tippy, one looks ok, the other two look wilting. On the picture, the lower one with flowers is the one branch that looks ok so far


Looks like some kind of incompatibility issue, but why the rest of 10 plus cultivars that were grafted onto the same tree are OK ?


I am not as optimistic as Clark’s. I also think it’d be grafting compatibility. What’s the variety of the mother?


Unknown seeding


Do the leaves perk back up at night? If its excessive new growth problems the leaves wont be as wilted in the morning but wilt again from the hot sun.


Clark, I will check the leafs tonight


I finally found out the problem. There is some issue, dark area, around base of each branches.I cut two branches off and leave the one still alive. Hopefully that branch survives. Here is the picture. It doesn’t look like FB, but what else it could be?


I wish I could give you a definitive answer but my 3 guesses would be fireblight, psuedomonas, or cold injury. If you want to now for sure, you could look into your local University extension to see if they have a pathogen identification service.


Your suggestion is helpful.thank you