Auburn University chestnuts

There is research on that? That would seem to suggest genetic incompatibility, but I’d love to see the research.

It is mentioned in this article.

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He’s the first person to ever mention that to me and I remembered it. He’s wicked smart.

What are cambial peroxidase isozyme patterns?

Are the AU Buck III, IV & Gobbler packages sold by The Wildlife Group good for eating? Or mostly for animals?

I’m planning on getting some seedlings and nuts to plant from Route 9 when available as well.

I currently have 9 Collosal seedlings.

Where are you growing your trees?

The AU Buck and Gobbler trees have very tasty nuts. Both are very productive. The Buck trees produce larger nuts and the Gobbler trees produce smaller nuts.

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Southeast LA. An hour north of New Orleans.

Thanks for the response. I want to continue to add chestnuts, but would prefer they taste good enough for me not just the deer and wild hogs. :joy:

The Colossal trees will be dying sooner or later. It is far too humid for them and they are subject to chestnut blight and other diseases.

The AU Buck trees and AU Super would be good options for you. Many people sell AU Super nuts in the Fall.

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Ok I now have 16 AU Buck IV, 4 Buck III, 3 Gobbler. Also have 10 more seedlings of some sort from Kentucky area (purchased from Peaceful Heritage).

Not sure what I should do with the 9 Colossal.

Planning to plant this week. What about spacing? 20x20, 30?

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Do you have the actual AU cultivars or seedlings of them?

I would get rid of the Colossal. They will waste your time and serve as reservoirs for chestnut blight. Nut quality will also be lousy.

Spacing depends on how you want to handle them. You can plant seedlings 10 x 10 and get rid of the poorer quality ones later. Or you can plant them 40 x 40 and never have to get rid of anything.

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They are all seedlings, not grafted. I think they said they quit grafting due to high fail rate.

Seems I read about chestnut graft failure here a while back too…that the recommendation now was seedlings from quality trees and like you mentioned cull the bums.

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If we culled all the bums around here, there would be very few people left. :slight_smile: :smiley: :open_mouth: