Basic tip for new grafters # 1 Gathering and Storing Scions) (discussion invited!)

How could you possibly not be able to tell?

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interesting! I saw these just recently.
Do you just put the bare scions in a ziploc with a couple beads, that’s it?

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Yes. If I have a whole big bag full I will put several beads in it but at first I was using too many and it got really wet in the bag. If there is only a couple of scions I just put one bead. If the bag is getting dry the bead shrinks.

I’m not saying it’s a perfect method but I have been trying it and it seems to be working. I was surprised at the state of my last years scions when I removed them from the fridge a couple of weeks ago.


People have grafted scions upside down before. Get into a good pattern and set the scion down wrong, not pay attention and graft. It happens.


@DennisD - That sounds like a great idea! Spraying them with copper.

Thanks, since the disease is spread by this fungus, good idea to treat it before shipping stone fruit scions.
“ The disease, peach leaf curl , is caused by a fungus called taphrina deformans. … The disease can spread through leaf detritus. After pruning, spray the naked trees until they are dripping with a copper-based fungicide that coats the tree and kills remaining spores so they will not infect new leaves come spring.”

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