Berry plant and harvest report 2019


try sparkle. its a older variety but the flavor is awesome. they produce about 2 weeks after EG fades. almost purple when ripe. i think nourse still offers them.


+1 for Sparkle. Smaller berry but very flavorful. It’s a keeper.


I wonder how much climate and location play into the differences of ripening time. I have Jewel (supposed to be midseason, slightly later than Yambu) and Earliglow in the same bed and I never really noticed any significant difference in ripening time in my garden. If anything, it is just a day or two, so not really the result of an extended harvest that I expected. I’ve heard mixed things about it, but am considering trying Malwina for a later berry.


Found the first ripe strawberry today. Few more coloring. Should be a huge year. The plants are loaded with fruit adn blossoms. Lots of different types in there so who knows what is what.


First batch of Earliglow picked today.

My Earliglow flowers and ripens about 5 days ahead of Jewel. They do overlap quite a bit.


I’ll have to take out the Rutgers right after the season, or I’ll never sort them out


I’ve been spraying every week!


been lucky as I’ve never had to spray my strawberries. once in awhile i get some stink bugs in there. i just go through and throw them in soap water.


The Malwina I got at a local upick were really good last year, very sweet and fragrant. They were ripening the last week of June here if my memory is correct.


Same thing happened in my patch. I planted 25 each of Earliglow and Jewel two years ago, and last year got two distinct harvests of the two varieties. It was easy to distinguish what berry it is. EG is smaller, seems to have a “crown” look to its top, whereas Jewel is larger and has a more triangular shape.

This year, I can’t recall picking nothing but EG, just a handful of Jewel’s. The EG have just taken over the patch, while the Jewel seemed to have disappeared. I can’t figure out what happened, unless the cold took out the Jewel while sparing EG. I didn’t cover the plants with straw last winter, so maybe that’s what happened. Both are rated to zone 4, so maybe that’s not it.

My strawb harvest has been over for about two weeks now, my wife picked about two quarts, of which after tossing rotted fruit, and cleaning, we got a quart to freeze. So, either varmits got the last of the Jewel, or they didn’t fare well and didn’t even fruit.

Because of EG taking over, I may just make a huge EG row when I renovate, to go along with the Flavorfest I planted this year.


Nourse has Malwina - but of course they don’t ship til next year

I note that they also list Rutgers Scarlet as “late/midseason” but it’s already ripening just a few days behind EG. I know I bought it as a late strawberry


Nova raspberries are starting to ripen today. The berry size is pretty nice and they’re sweeter than Prelude. I anticipate a good harvest from this variety. There are a lot of unripe berries on the canes.


picked my first first ripe cascade gold berry this season.
from a floricane, no less. last year. the primocane crop was ready in august.

in udder news, i haz the sadz when i find an overripe and moldy blackberry that escaped my gaze. they don’t run, but some of them sure can hide.


Had several handfuls of earliblue blueberries today and a little bit of patriot as well. Blackberries are showing red too.


I couldn’t pick our strawberries for two days so this attempt took a while. Also, lots of rain is coming so I picked anything close to ripe. The wet weather is taking some of the sweetness out of the berries.


You find much rot? They look sound

Mine are winding down now


I haven’t had any rot, for whatever reason. I little splitting and a few bird pecks, but no real problems.


Those look like the more than generous package of strawberries that Tippy and Charlie gave me this past weekend. They were so kind to help me net my Black Boy peach. And their lovely daughter I not only appreciated Charlies fab almond cookies, but Tippy’s beautiful strawberries and their company. Days in the garden and orchard are so rewarding. I received the best gift! Strawberries that are so sweet and now marinating in Aurum, waiting for vanilla ice cream!!!


My second try with Jewel black raspberry is doing well. I have some berries almost the size of a quarter…seriously. :grin:


Wow maybe I should try jewel again. @jtburton