Berry plant and harvest report 2019


Yes that is crazy! How did you manage that? My raspberries are still pea size and green.


Great to hear they’re useful for something! I really only planted some on the side of a ditch for erosion control. They grow vigorously without any care at all.


thats good to know that joan j florocane crop ripens before prelude. ill have to keep the florocanes now. :wink:


Strawberries now underwater, just as the first berry is turning red.


I really like joan j, very hardy for a thornless raspberry and i also have to say that red gem goumi is pretty delicious.


i have red gem also. froze to the ground a few years ago. about 4ft. now. should get some berries again this season. put in 5 joan j about 3 weeks ago. they just started to grow. should have a small primocane crop to try this fall. :wink:


Oh ugh, you deserve better!


Nourse says Joan J’s floricane crop is around the same time as Nova. Could be a mislabel?


Your strawbs look like my Earliglow berries.

My wife picked about a quart more today, but I think the patch is winding down its production a bit.


Possibly but mine came from Nourse. It’s also thornless and bears a floricane and primocane crop. Not sure what else available in the States does that. I was perplexed by this too, because like I stated before, I do have Nova and it’s well behind the raspberry in question.


What doesa goumi taste like?


Hello , i have new berryes from this year :smiley: . Greetings from Romania!


welcome to the forum Filip! you have some nice berry plants!


My joan produced more berries than i thought the first year, I did leave the canes up to see if they made it through winter for a floricane crop also (They did not i will chop them back from now on). Im sad Red Gem died for you, but glad it resprouted. I want to try a bunch of goumi and romance seedlings up in the mountains (z4 with 60-75 frost free days) for a friend along there fence line.


Thank you moose71


thats strange as I’ve read joan j is z3 hardy. hopefully my deep snowfall will protect the canes. my other rasp. varieties are z4 hardy and I’ve never had winter kill on the canes. low snow years, like the one that killed my goumi might do them in tho.


I grow Marion, Siskiyou, Tayberry, and even wyeberry that are not hardy here. I cover them with leaves and often spray wilt stop, not every year, but noticed they do a lot better if sprayed. So if you’re losing raspberries, protect them. Put the canes in a tomato cage. Wrap with burlap, fill with leaves. One method, use your imagination.


Well they certainly resprouted with vigor and I planted them in a pretty rough part of my property that gets alot of winter sun and the snow melts fast because of added reflection from the house, it has been one of the worst spots for me and previously i had left it to flowering plants but since raspberries produce a good amount of nectar and pollen all year round i think they are even better and much tastier.


What I was afraid of with all the rain: rot


I’ve enjoyed my Mara des Bois for several years starting in May but have yet to pick any berries this year. Instead of berries I’m getting runners, lots of them, many over 3 feet long. Anyone have an idea of why?