Best Blueberry Crop

Blueberries are usually preaty shallow rooted. unless your on alkaline or heavy clay soil you should not have to replant to amend. Apply soil acidifier, holly tone and 2" of peat moss with pine needles on top. After harvest cut 1 or 2 inches off each tip not just the main branches

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Hazel Dell has clay and rock soil. It is a county tested region that just happens to be that way. I am likely 1st person to till it. It is not easy, because it gets water logged,and then you hit a big rock.

Should i only cut back 2"? Wondering because one reallyhas few branches. The 1st photoed, it has a trunk that divided, and each of the two long branches has a few branching out near ends. I can show photo tomorrow.

Well i would. Blueberries like to be at 5.0. So they will grow at higher pH, but 5.0 is ideal. If you use ammonium sulfate fertilizer it will quickly lower pH. Be careful with it! You can lower pH too much with it, or burn plant with all of the nitrogen. Jacks acid fertilizer has AS and micros, it’s expensive but nice fertilizer! Or use straight up AS. Miricle Grow acid fertilizer has urea which blueberries like but it will not lower pH. Once pH is good use this, or Holly-Tone if you wish to be organic only.

Sulfur takes 6 months to work. So do not add more till you see how low it will go, OK to add fertilizer mentioned above in the meantime.

It’s not ideal but should be OK.

Clay, in that case dig and amend. But still do everything I mentioned now just till that in in the late fall after the plants go dormant. Then reapply on the top after replanting. I started off with clay too and I think all the sulfur and organics I added really changed it for the better. You can also try notching above each node to encouraging branching.

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Been picking some blueberries for 2 weeks now. But 2 or 3 varieties aren’t ripe at all yet.

Also, planted some for someone in 2014 in backyard raised beds filled with quality Bluegrass topsoil high in clay. This year is the first good crop…all plants are healthy…pH is probably between 6 and 6.5 we sprinkle a pinch of azalea fertilizer or powdered sulfur and slow release fertilizer on each plant each spring. (Berea, KY)
This couple also grows camellias, azaleas, rhododendron and a couple mountain laurel … in what is perhaps the prettiest yard in Berea, KY. But, I am wandering off subject.

Same here in NKY. Reka, Razz, and ka-bluey. The rabbiteye varieties bloom later… :expressionless:

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I have Elliott and Aurora…Elliott is northern highbush, and won’t ripen for another month or more. Aurora, I don’t think has any fruit as it’s growing in deep shade in a container at present for me…but I ate berries in October from it one year.