Best Heirloom Dessert Apple Varieties?

Does anyone have any information or experience with Brown Russet aka Royal Russet/Leathcoat? I am wondering if its slightly less sharp/tart off the tree vs Golden Russet

Also does anyone have any experience with Burnt Ridge Nursery? They seem to sell a lot of great heirloom varieties on dwarf M26 rootstock

edit: yikes, I just read the whole thread about the credit card data breach issue with Burnt Ridge. I always use paypal anyway for transactions on small websites and I get 5% cash back with my card on purchases through paypal anyway…seems people have good experience with the quality of the trees sold though.

Blueberries, currants, jujubes…and some other stuff…always as good or better than expected from Burnt Ridge. Haven’t ordered in a couple years…I suppose because I’ve collected most of the fruits they have that I want. Maybe a couple more jujubes.

Speaking of dessert heirlooms…varmints stole my Cornish Aromatic this afternoon.


Burnt Ridge Also sells scion wood.

I don’t know how they manage their low prices. They are generally the best value if you want what they carry.


ok final list is Queen Cox, Rubinette, Karmijn de Sonnaville, White Pearmain, Hudson’s Golden Gem, Egremont Russet, Golden Russet, GoldRush. All are dwarf except White Pearmain. Quite an expansion from my original plan, whoops!


This site will do that to you. I predict this is just a start.