Best Strawberry Varieties?


Thanks, looks like a good group to start with.I’m looking for red alpines that produce and Reine des Vallees sounds like a winner, productive top rate flavor, rated better than Alexandria. I have a yellow Alexandra and the plant does fairly well. I may have to grow it from seed though. For regular strawberries, I have some people gave me from this site, and my own I have grown for years and years. Not looking to add any, yet want to try other summer bearing types. The taste is excellent on many of them,


I’ve ordered Rutgers Scarlet for this year


Sparkle are very good in Wisconsin, not the biggest, but excellent flavor and hardy.


Yes, I was just looking at Nourse and they rate their strawberries either good or excellent. I’m looking at them thinking yes, yes, and yes again, I need to buy the neighbor’s house, knock it down so I have more room! Btw Sparkle is rated excellent, only strike is moderate firmness. What great prices there too. OK, now to look at the blueberries and raspberries…like I need more? Not!


Drew, I have seeds for these three alpines
Mignonette, Alexandria and Yellow Wonder. I did not label them but if you grow all three they will be easy to tell them apart. The Yellow wonder are my favorite. Let me know, you could start the seeds right now.

I grow all three in pots. They spread like crazy especially the yellow.


I planted Rutger Scarlet last year, but didn’t get anything. But Flavorfest that came with Rutger Scarlet produced quite a bit, big fruits and very tasty. Sweet Kiss and Mayflower are also good. But Mara des boise is my favorite. Does anyone grow Ogallala? I would like to know if it delicious.


I feel like a lot of my problems with strawberries come from the fruit stalks bending down and letting the fruit touch the ground. Are there any good types that are known for keeping the berries up high and dry?


Elan, but the fruits are not that big.


Yes, it’s delicious.


Anyone have a good strawberry suggestion for the hit humid south? Built a strawberry bed last fall and need to get my order in.


I re-did a raised bed this year and need a few plants. i was looking at Rutgers Scarlet A new cultivar developed to produce good taste and be firm. Nourse reported some pollination problems. I think because it is grown in huge batches by itself. Mine will have about 10 other cultivars all around it. I already have types that need cross pollination and seeing no problems. They also say the taste is one of the best they sell. Many good ones to choose from. Since these were developed to be grown in NJ, it should do well here. The California cultivars were not living up to reputation grown in NJ, and it appears this cultivar will fix the problem. Other expected to be released too.


Are you going to get Archer too? It’s from Cornell.


I don’t have room for others. I don’t know where archer is sold either? Since Rutgers is a mid late season I was looking at early season and AC Wendy looked to be a good choice. At some point I want to try Albion too, it may not work here, but has won taste tests in CA. I need another everbearing type too, to go along with Mara de Bois. I like everbearing although prefer June bearing types. Rutgers and Wendy are June bearing, firm fruit, large berries, and excellent taste. I may have to start yet another bed and buy Wendy too!


Yeah no time to do this. I have peach seedlings, and more figs to deal with. Thanks though! I would rather find plants. As usual I bit off more than I can chew.


I know that feeling Drew, I do it to myself every year………but I can’t stop.


Albion is a good strawberry but it’s not the caliper in my opinion of early glow or sparkle supreme. I grew them several years ago. Albion does produce strawberries throughout the season which we did enjoy.


Thanks Clark. I’ll stick with Mara des Bois for an everbearing, it’s exceptional.


My wife is the strawberry fan. She doesn’t like the pineberries as she likes the traditional strawberry flavor. Plus they are not firm. She prefers firm berries. This rules out Sparkle for me. She hates alpines because of the texture. On Rutgers another commercial nursery reported bad performance under moist conditions. So I think I’m not going there. It can be moist here in the spring. Seems to be a bigger problem in the north, they do better in moist conditions in the more moderate states… Early Glow has medium firmness, so that’s out too. Galletta is firmer, is also a hybrid of Early Glow, so this one looks promising. Actually many do, wow, the amount of cultivars out there is amazing.


I was perusing Nourse and Indiana Berry sites, looking at various berry plants. I see that Nourse has Mara des Bois, they said one attribute is its aroma, is that something you’ve noticed, that it has an intense berry scent compared with other strawbs? You said MdB is everbearing, does that mean it puts out a big early summer crop, then another smaller crop in the fall?

We have a row that we planted last year as a gift from my in-laws, but I don’t know what variety. But, I would like to maybe add two more runs of 25 plants. I was leaning towards maybe Jewel and Honeoye. I also seen good reviews for Ozark Beauty on Stark’s site, but I’m not too keen on buying from them. Any comments on these 3 varieties?

I do notice that IB’s strawbs run more expensive than most other berry vendors, like around $16 for a run of 25 plants, compared to about $11 from Nourse. IB do have better prices on blueberries, gooseberries and some other berry products.


Yes, wonderful.[quote=“subdood_ky_z6b, post:102, topic:70”]
You said MdB is everbearing, does that mean it puts out a big early summer crop, then another smaller crop in the fall?

Yes, maybe 3 crops, at least two. The ladder two not impressive, but ok. It changes flavor more like an alpine if you leve them out till a very deep red, very cool looking too. Rather small, but very good early ripe or late ripe. First crop not the best once established produce very sweet berries. You need to leave them on till full ripe for best flavor. And yes the scent is like no other except maybe pineberries, they have a wonderful scent too. A very different scent than MdB.

Yes, so Nourse looks like it’s the place, but you know I don’t want 25 of one plant. I’m going to buy just a few plants at higher prices. I decided to shop elsewhere. I’m thinking about adding 1 plant of AC Wendy, Mesabi, and Cavendish. I have pineberries, and a cultivar from Bob I forget what it is? Also Jewel and a few others for a new bed. I really don’t need more than that. In 2 years it will be busting edge to edge with plants if I’m not on top of it.