Best telescoping manual pole pruner/limb saw

I bought this one based on Stephan’s usage. Im sure there are better ones and worse ones but im happy with it. I had a stihl pole pruner before this and never did like it.

Yours looks similar, at least the blade, to the EZ Kut 20’ pole saw I have. I used mine some more today. It cuts through cedar and elm like butter. It wouldn’t take much to get through apple or pears I would think. I used the blades to pull some branches high up stuck in thick vines. However, it takes some work cutting hardwoods like locust and hickory. The length is certainly nice, but it wears me out on 5+" hardwoods high up. The aluminum pole is lighter, more stable and a bit easier to handle than the wooden pole I had with my last pole saw. The adjustments to length are easier too. Holding it up isn’t bad. Making 30-40 cuts on a thick hardwood branch means a short day of work for me, but I got done what I needed.