Best tomato fertilizer?


Plant tone or tomato tone? Thanks! I didn’t bother adding any fert. Into my soil mixture this past spring/summer because I added bags of manure to my soil instead. Also our spring was so cold it delayed my planting and the plants growing. I have had three small tomatoes this summer so far, usually thr amount far greater. Thank you all.


I just use plant tone as that is what I have lying around. Tomato tone would be better.




I use whatever I have some left over of.

10-10-10 granulated works fine if you don’t apply too much in dry hot weather.

All the better if you can take a hoe or other tool and dig it into the soil, and then it comes a rain!


My Hydroponic store gave me 2 giant catalog full of stuff, it’s mind boggling what is available. I still buy stuff from out of season stuff from Wally, mostly Espoma stuff.
If it grows too fast keep pinching. I get an ungodly amount of stuff, too much.


I use Garden Tone, but for fruiting plants, I add triple phosphate when I do my initial tilling


I use the same fertilizer mix for all flowering / fruiting plants: Osmocote 15-9-12 + 1" compost + bone meal. The bone meal adds the calcium missing in Osmocote and compost adds organic matter and micro nutrients while also helping to break down and better distribute the bone meal and Osmocote.

They say it lasts 5-6 months but I find it better to do a 1/2 strength application in the early spring / at planting and then a full strength application two months later.