Black Apples

Thank I will keep you in mind. my first root stock has not yet arrived. I plan to attempt bud grafting.

correction: Just arrived

I remember I took pictures of apples I liked at the farmers market/

Black Oxford was defiantly on my list.

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Stayman Winesap can get really dark purple. On those spooky October nights, when it’s ready to eat, it looks almost black.

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Matt, here I am following you on a thread talking about Stayman… Shocking. Yes Stayman does get very dark on the tree but I have more experience with Arkansas Black and it will live up to it’s name on the tree. From what I can tell they were both fairly widely planted in the early 20th century. To illustrate my point I have a photo somewhere of my grandfather’s general store in Wickenburg AZ (sometime in the 20’s) with the proud proprietor standing next to a display with Arkansas Black front and center. I’ve never seen or grown King David.
but the pictures I’ve seen it looks pretty black to me and I’ve read that Stark Bros. sold lots of them. Since they all purportedly have Winesap saplines maybe they both were just some dang ol’ Winesap.

King David

Arkansas Black on the bottom right


They apple I tasted couldn’t have been an Arkansas black right off the tree. But you guys have put me on a quest to take a real Arkansas black now.

In our warm climate Arkansas Black is good right off the tree. I don’t imagine they keep as long however.

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@SkillCult Steven Edholm shows off his King David grown in Humboldt County, California in this video:


Thank you Matt, that was fun and wow King David was black!

Black Oxford, they might get darker in the next couple weeks, this one fell, but will let the rest stay on the tree as long as I dare.


Beautiful apple! Wish I could grow Black Oxford in Georgia!


and how did it taste?

Eating now would do little justice for a variety meant to last in the root cellar til spring(or beyond)…I am letting it sit on the mantle as seasonal decor for,a few weeks before I eat. They are pretty mild eating as they ripen…right now I’d break a tooth trying!

Not sure why you couldn’t, it does OK in Southern California


Thank you for that information. I did not think they would do well here because a lot of the great northern apples (like, say, Northern Spy) do not taste good in the heat. Definitely something to look into. Beautiful apple, by the way.

You can never tell until you try it. Yes, Northern Spy is horrible here, but Wealthy from Minnesota is exceptional. Rome Beauty is meh, Melrose was excellent.


My Braeburn, Niedwetzkyana and Redfield all got pretty black this year…picked the last Braeburn yesterday.

Why wouldn’t it do well in zone 7 or 8? Does it have an ultra-high chilling requirement?

Below is a list of black apple cultivars. Does anyone know of any others?
Of course most of these are simply darker colored apples and not actually black.

Arkansas Black
Birkenfelder Rotäpfelchen
Black Amish (Hoover?)
Black Anne
Black Annette
Black Ben
Black Bud
Black Dabinett
Black Diamond
Black Gilliflower
Black Hoover aka Black Coal aka Hoover
Black Limbertwig
Black Mickey
Black Oxford
Black Strawberry
Black Sweet
Jersey Black
King David
Kingston Black aka Black Taunton


My Braeburn … and baack in July my Redfield, could have passed for Arkansas Black from a distance. I presume Mammoth Blacktwig is deep red.