Black Gold cherry, my view


I have the book save your seven bucks, I get most of my recipes from the net nowadays, and adjust as needed, its not a bad start but their basic bases are available online

I store my Ice Cream/ Sorbet in 1qt plastic takeout containers with lids.

I like the Ample Hills cookbook, it was a gift.
From the books’ Amazon review:

You basically have two kinds of ice cream:
Philadelphia Style (1 cup milk + 2 cup heavy cream + 3/4 cup sugar) or
Custard Style (1 cup milk + 2 cup heavy cream + 3/4 cup sugar + 4 to 6
egg yolks - depending how you like it). At least that’s how I approach

I consider Dryer’s / Breyer’s / Edy’s to be Regular Ice Cream
(this is based on how the Int’l Dairy Foods Assoc. defines it). It has a
good amount of overrun in it (the amount of air in it during churning)
but it’s still ok.

Then you have Premium Ice Cream. Less overrun
(less air) and higher quality ingredients…and usually french style. I
consider some of Ben and Jerry’s flavors and Haagen Daz to be in this

Finally you have Superpremium. I used to think that
some of the richer Ben and Jerry’s or Haagen Daz would be in this
category, but I honestly think that Ample Hills holds the title. There
is very little overrun in this ice cream, super high quality
ingredients, it’s very dense (in a good way) and has less water than
other ice creams.

got my 2nd bowl for around $25 shipped, just kept it in my cart for few weeks came back and the price was lowered :astonished:


Thank you everyone for your comments, advice and suggestions.

Moley - I am not into cooking at all but your recipes are easy enough that I can convince my hubby to make some of those cherry-based stuff :smile: Never thought of processing them. Thanks for the suggestion. So far, I have never cooked or canned any of my fruit. They have been for fresh eating. With many family members,friends and neighbors, I don’t have enough of any fruit I grow to give away. Even these cherries, I am sure my neighbors would love to have some.

Dax is right. Sub par is the right word to describe my BG quality. It’s not that bad but it’s not up to my standard.of good cherry quality.

Scott makes me think if I even got the real BG or maybe, a dud of a BG. I have a Vandalay from the same place at the same time. Their growth is different so I don’t think I have two Vandalays but I don’t know for sure if I have a real BG.

I grafted White Gold on to one of my three cherry trees this year. I also have a Black Star, Hungarian cherry. Hopefully, I can test it next year.

Thanks to Scott re. Indar. Even with only one spray, my cherries are so clean. I will use it for peaches (if I have any) next year, too.



They have been like this in all the four years I have eaten them.

However, this was the first year I have had so many that I could sample many before I made a conclusion. In fact, the weather leading to the harvest was perfect for cherries. So there was no excuse (for the tree) not to produce a top quality fruit.


Thank you @Moley. I didn’t quite understand your last sentence but don’t waste your time if it doesn’t matter. I did understand that plastic quart containers with lids are what you/I/anybody might use.

And thank you @mamuang for bringing up Instar again. I did some short reading on it and I have two questions for the group:

  1. My peaches and nectarines all grew to about 50-cent size and simply fell off. No birds no evidence of anything animal or insect related. That’s my question, actually.
  2. Where did you buy Instar? (and how much does it typically-cost?)

Hey thanks again,



I bought Indar from Scott Smith.

Have you ever cut open those dropped fruit? Not sure why fruit that size dropped if not because of internal damage by bugs. Hopefully someone can give you an answer.


I left them there for the animals weeks ago. They’re long gone. Next time, if there is a next.

Thanks mamuang,



Since this is summer, drought/not enough water could also cause fruit drop. Have your trees experienced water stress?.


I tell ya, it couldn’t be more ideal. Rains spaced perfectly. So good in fact that I haven’t had to water a single planting or transplant this year. I hear you clearly, however.



I should apologize to my Black Gold. After all the complaints I have made against it, it has never failed to produced for me. The most productive tree in my yard through snow, freezing temp, drought and a little flood.


Love the flowers.


Wow! What a stunner!


Thanks, Matt. I am sure your BG will do the same.

I keep mine open-center at about 6-7’ tall for easy netting.


This year, my Black Gold set fruit reliably again, though not as plentiful as last year. There are plenty of them.

We are going to harvest them tomorrow, a week earlier than last year. Tomorrow noght it’s supposed to rain. Raining at this stage of ripening, it sure will result in serious cracking.

Last week, I believed I saved it from cracking by putting two largest tarps under the trees so the roots do not have to absorb so much water in such a short time after a long period of dryness. I had mimnimal cracking after 2-3” of rain. I checked its brix 15-16, not bad. Texture is rather soft but not very soft.


I liked the firmer texture of Rainier cherry over other varieties. Do you agree with me?


Totally agree, Tony. The complaint I have about BG is soft texture. I like firm texture of Bing and Rainier.


Your trees look so clean and disease free. My Black Gold looks like a war zone from the jap beetles and cherry leaf spot. I’m considering removing or top working with another variety.


Myclobutanil works like charm with cherry leave spot. I usually spray it twice when I spray for CAR on apples.

This year, I only sprayed myclo once after petal fall. Then, I sprayed Indar twice for brown rot on fruit but pretty sure some got on leaves.

I keep my finger crossed on Jap beetles. So far, I’ve not seen any. I am sure, speak of the devils, they will show up!!!


They sure zero in on cherries!

I like White Gold because it’s finished before they show up and I can put down a systemic pesticide on the tree if necessary


Agree. With all my fruit trees, cherry is J beetles favorite.


I have White Gold, and it has a firm texture, It looks a lot like your tree, a fairly good producer.I added Utah Giant too as a graft. I want to add Rainier and Bing, I’ll be looking for scion next winter.