Black Gold cherry, my view


I grafted 5-7 varieties on my BG and lost most of the tags. I think this was White Gold comparing to BG. They tasted similar. Both lack firmness that Bing has.


Just thought about measuring brix after eating WG.

So, got my refractometer to measure BG. The first one was17 and the second cherry was 18.5. The extended hot and dry weather really helped with the sweetness.


They are so perfect and look very delicious.well done, Tippy👍


Thank you, Annie. Some years (like this one) are better than the others.


What does Surround taste like?


The hardest part to clean off Surround is at the stem end. If I clean them well, there is no Surround left. When there is, it tastes like dry flour. Tasteless but hasa little dry feel to it (at least to me).

Just do not put sticker with Surround. That would be very difficult to wash off. Without sticker, it came off easily.