Black Monukka Seedless Grape


Well done Richard. I’m sure fresh grape juice has a great taste. What are your thoughts about making juice from muscadines? Will the seed be a problem? etc.


I plan to do it! The seeds should not be a problem with a reamer-type juicer that has a screen.





The drizzle of rain stopped this afternoon so I cane pruned my Black Monukka back to a straight “T”. Yup, you can’t see it :slight_smile: … but compare with this picture from April.


New canes began bolting out this week :slight_smile:


New growth for 2018, about a month later than last year.



A few of the 40 or more bunches developing on our Black Monukka grape vines so far. :slight_smile:


Prolific start this year :slightly_smiling_face:



Do you have a catch wire up there that we can’t see???


Nope, scroll back to the first post for a view of the trellis.


Cool! Is that a trait of the variety that keeps them standing or do you just not have a lot of wind???


Those standing canes will fall over when they reach 4’ or so in length.


Today’s harvest :slightly_smiling_face:


Picked 6.5 lbs today!