Black Pepper plant

It is interesting to hear you guys talking about species Piper betle.

Growing up in upcountry Thailand many moons ago, there were many people of my mother’s generation chewing pieces of betel nut wrapped in a betel leave (and another ingredient). I know how to make one as I did it for my mother many, many times.

As a child, I tried it once out of curiosity. It was so bitter and astringency. I wondered out loud why the elders chew it.

I did not think it caused any additional health. The only thing was obvoius was it form plaque that teeth to turn black, unattractively so.

Still chewing betel nut/leave has fallen out of fashion years ago ( it was fashionable 100+ years ago). You hardly find anyone under 50/who does it. All that do are country people.


Well, i was atracted to betel leaves by the health benefits… i’m thinking to use it on fruit and veggies morning juice or on rice, salads, meat etc… like the pandan leaves. For my family it’s important to eat as diverse as possible.

The other ingredient is red lime, a mix of lime and tumeric causing the paste to turn pink.

Technically, the betel nut/leave/lime+tumeric mix is quite healthy :smile:

Betel bushes grow very well in moist soil. In general, we don’t eat P. betel leaves. We eat leaves of its relative, P. sarmentosum instead.


LOL! I just saw that the one i buyed was the piper sarmentosum! This one is better than piper betel? Thank’s! :blush:

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Yes, much better and a lot more suitable for consumption.


That’s great to know! And how you use in on a better way? It can be juiced or eat in salads?

We use it as a veggie in soup or a curry dishes.

It is also used a wrap. Say, you make chicken salad. Scoop a small amount of it, put it on this leave, wrap it up and eat it.

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It’s funny how perceptions of beauty change through the ages. It used to be attractive to have black teeth from chewing betel leaf and areca nut in Viet Nam. It’s now mostly used during some ceremonies and weddings as decor.

Piper sarmentosum is very fragrant and flavorful. I can buy it at the Vietnamese grocery store or my relatives in Florida mail it up.

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Same thing in Thailand. Kids these days don’t know what betel nut trees look like. Many were cut down due to low demand. They look like coconut trees but much taller and skinnier.

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Does growing this plant indoors create any negative indoor air issues (isnt it sort of a repellent plant)?

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I had a nice black pepper plant , growing in a 5gal. container with a tomatoe cage for support. At ~ 3yrs it was ~4ft.
Kept it in a bay window, semi sunny , but not too much sun.
Looked really good. Flowered, set some fruit, but they fell off .
Then it got some root problem , and died.
Luckily , I have a few small air layers of it still going.
So I will try again…

Also have piper auritum ,-- hoja Santa ,has a anise smell .
And …piper methysticum .a kava kava.

All of these get little round clear balls , that latter turn dark on the underside of the leaves. ( forget the name of this ?)
I thought this was a problem, …but …
This is just what they do. It’s nothing to worry over.
It’s just the way they grow.
Grape shoots have something similar .


Ok … Found a name for these little clear balls
Pearl body’s


Most useful page I have found

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It’s hard to believe how much my childhood experience overlaps with yours. Reading your post makes me feel nostalgic!

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