Black raspberry


I picked for about an hour. I’m done for now. My back reminds me of how easy it is to go bad picking these. I might try some more tonight.

This is a five quart bucket.




Wow…you are drowning in berries…

yeah…i hear you on the back. I’m not that old, but after pulling weeds for an hour…i feel like i belong in a nursing home.


Have a question for the bramble experts. As I’ve mentioned earlier in this or other threads, we have wild black rasps growing on the side of our driveway, and they’re intermingled with wild blackberries. We are down to just a handful of rasps and the blacks are just kicking in on various places around the farm.

We found a cane that has fruit that has a blackberry shape, but has large druplets and actually don’t have that bitter taste of some of our other ripe blacks. To me they taste like a mild rasp, but definitely have a black overall flavor. Could it be possible that this is a wild cross between the two species?


I wouldn’t say I’m an expert by any means, but I don’t think that it’s a cross of different species. We get lots of wild raspberries growing around here in the Michigan woodlands. There are many crosses of black strands that are even gold or white when ripe. Are you able to post pictures or are they all done?


I picked for about half an hour this morning again. The ones in the gallon zip lock bag is what I picked yesterday. I spilled them after taking the picture a little. They went on the table about a cup worth. The zipper didn’t close right after filling the bag full I was trying to even them out by shacking the bag back at the top. I’m glad I didn’t loose a bunch to the floor.


I’ll try to post some pics of the cane when the berries are a bit more ripe.


I went and cut a bunch of the old canes out that have fruited…some had some small rock hard red ones left but i still got rid of them. I found a lot of SWD in some more hidden berries. I’m really tempted to try some Erythritol in the future. It sounds like it would work well…just not sure if you use it as a bait or spray it on berries.

What brix really means

I need to do that in a couple weeks. I didn’t do it last year. My sixty foot row that I built a trellis for needs attention badly. I didn’t tie the canes or remove spent ones last year and they are all growing by the ground. I wont pick those. It’s to hard on my back. I have about a hundred and twenty foot of them growing through my deer fence. It works good for holding them up automatically without tying them up so far. This will be the first year of cutting out full size spent canes. That might be a job with them growing through the fence. I have about thirty foot of reds at the bottom of that row. Both grew on both sides of the fence. The deer trim some but not much pressure this year with them. Their herd got pretty well harvested the past couple years. I have a big patch of them by my pool too. I have to pick those. Those looked pretty big while swimming today. I even ate about ten from the pool.


Sounds like you can do both according to the article. That’s interesting!


Just about done here. I picked a bowl full. I noticed the latest ones were big…probably from the recent rains. SWD hasn’t been too bad. I found a few in some very soft berries. Overall a good season.


I have some in the ground that are starting to grow! The last leaves dropped end of Dec. I pruned them back in Jan and here they are today.


About a month later…It looks like they are about to bloom! I will be getting close to nine months of growth from these.


Black raspberry in spite of the drought produced a few berries.


mine are just flowering!


Mine are starting to turn red.


I’ve picked a few and hey have been good!


I ate two terminal berries (Jewel) yesterday.


Been eating reds and blacks for a week. :yum:



You are lucky mine won’t be ready for a couple of weeks!