Blueberry article

I’ve never seen a healthy blueberry plant that didn’t produce lots of fruit. I don’t think they are particularly inclined to go vegetative at the expense of fruit production just because I haven’t seen it.

Looks like my blueberry experiment failed. I planted 4 a couple years ago, and I already lost two of them last year. I think it was because they got too much rain, or could have been because I didn’t fertilize them enough. The soil pH was about 5 when I planted them, so it wasn’t that, and I used pine needles as mulch.

The two I have left (Patriot and Blueray) aren’t in that great of shape either. The Patriot gave me a few berries last year, but we’ll see what happens this year. Haven’t killed any of my fruit trees yet, but I seem to be murder on some of my berry plants. I’ve had quite a few raspberries croak on me too the last couple years, but looks like my replants have been doing better. The blackberries I planted last year are doing great, though.

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We slipped into talking about Lingonberries,which probably should be on a separate

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hes talking about lingonberries.

I found this one interesting. I hadn’t heard of a few of the varieties mentioned here.

There’s a lot of blueberry varieties that the public has not had a chance to have yet.

(If you read on into the article posted…looks like Californians are going to have to send their berry pickers to the ocean if they plan to find any berries…or to collect their topsoil!)

There used to be a member of this forum that went into a commercial venture and started his plants in pots. His plants were irrigated with a timer system and fertilized with a Floridan fertilizer similar to Osmocote. By the second year the plants were already 4 ft tall and ready to bear a big load… and these were traditional varieties. He showed pictures because I doubted him. I ate some crow.

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I need to look that up…