Blueberry Orchard today


Long time fruit grower @Lucky_P had this too say in below comments about Northern Blueberries in the area we both live in. He lives up in Hopkinsville, Ky area about 15-20 miles north of me. I couldn’t agree more with his assessment.

“That said, I’ll never bother with a Northern highbush type again… the level of production is so paltry, compared to what a good rabbiteye will do here, that there’s no reason for me to waste space on a NHB. Rabbiteyes here are more vigorous and probably 10X more productive; I want BERRIES, and lots of them! I have one child who will eat a gallon of blueberries in a day (fresh or frozen) whenever he’s home!”


It’s amazing how the different types have adapted to different climates. In the NORTH, northern highbush are wildly productive. We are talking buckets upon buckets.


These Rabbiteyes in their 3rd year are just producing like crazy!!:heart:️:+1::flushed:


To try and get my Northerns and SHB going and producing more I think I’m going to add some sulpher(soil acidifier) to them. The Rabbiteyes are doing outstanding but I think the others need the PH down .5 or 1. My last soil test was 5.4. Who knows I guess…Maybe it’s worth a shot one last time/season before I rip them out and replace with Rabbiteyes.


Pink lemonade. I would like it if it could be more productive. But as right now I am considering to replace it.


I have one also that I would replace but I don’t see it happening. I bought it with one of my granddaughters and it is hers. When she visits the question is when will it have berries?


Usually just before bud break (mid February) and when buds are swollen I hit my blueberries with cottonseed meal. 1-2 cups per bush. I haven’t done it this year. Plan to this Saturday.


All I use for the most part in fertilizing my blueberries is cottonseed meal twice a year and been real happy with results. Bought another 50# this morning for $12.99.


When do you apply this cottonseed meal?


I apply twice. Late Feb and early May.


Cottonseed meal gave me an awful case of fungus knats. It also formed a slimy goo on top of the potting media. Maybe if incorporated I won’t have had those issues.


Yeah. I try and mix it in real good with the soil and mulch to prevent that but on some of my potted figs I had some of what you described as well.


I have been using cottonseed meal as well for years with good results. I like that it is slow release and will not burn the plants. I throw a few handfuls around the base of the blueberries when they first wake up and after harvest time, that is the only care the blueberries get, if only my other fruit were that easy to grow. :smile:


So True Chris!


These two are Southern HB. My only two out of 8 to survive.

Rabbiteyes well over 6 feet tall now.
The lone surviving northern just for you Bob. @subdood_ky_z6b


Looks good, Zack. Looks like you’ll have more berries than you’ll know what to do with.

My four NHB’s are still alive, but still small. The Blue ray is the tallest, it has a couple spindly canes over two feet tall, but the other 3 are low and bushy. My Patriot has 4-5 berries on it, I’m going to let them mature.

Curious as to what is your lone NHB?


It’s a Bluecrop! As you can see it has more berries than it has ever had but very little green growth in comparison with all the others. Hope yours take off!!


So here’s a picture from my blueberry orchard today :grinning: (two plants total)
Something chewed down Bluecrop to the ground. Elliott was doing well and flowering. I was worried I wouldn’t get any berris because no flowers to pollinate Elliott. But it looks like it is forming tiny berries. I might have blue berries after all…


@Susu Rabbits love small, young blueberry shoots. Your harvests will improve. It usually takes till the third year. Somone here once said, “first year leap, 2nd year creep, 3rd year leap.” Lot of truth too it. Also, 1st year it is advised to pinch the flower buds that are forming in order to divert the energy into the roots below. But it’s hard to do that sometimes, especially when we are excited and see fruit growing. I’m happy you have some!! :+1::heavy_check_mark:️:grin:


Yes very hard to pick them off. Hopefully this year they will leap. I have to mulch around them and give some compost or fertilizer. It’s growing in s patch of creeping charlie. Have to mulch and show some love. :grin: