Buds Flowers and Fruit - 2023 Edition

Nope! I’m not sure at all!! I spent all last year calling it “the plum tree”. However, the leaf shape is really long like a peach, the flowers look more like peach since they have no stem like plum, no notch like cherry, and they’re blooming at the same time as trees which actually produced peaches last year - so I decided I’d try calling it a peach tree instead!

Here is a super close-up less-artistic view of a flower and some buds from today. Though something about the angle + my hand makes the flower look comically large it’s only about 1.25’’ across:


Yeah that seems too big to be cerasifera for sure, so your ID was probably right!

Supkhani Apricot


Does the leaf color change to green,as they mature or stay about the same,as in the photo?

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The tree’s leaves stay dark purple. They get a slight bit lighter and maybe have a greenish hue, but definitely stay purple. I’ve seen pictures of the “bonfire” peach and it doesn’t look like that. I really did think it was one of those ornamental plum trees until I thought about it and actually looked at the leaf shape and flower.


When the tree produces fruit sometime and they are donut shaped,then the variety may be this one.


I would be very happy if it was “Flat Wonderful”! I almost bought one just last week when I saw one on sale. It does look like @Olpea’s picture. I don’t remember the leaves on mine turning green - but I suppose I wasn’t paying much attention either.

And because this is the “buds flowers and fruit” thread here is a picture of a flower from my yard today:


My California bay laurel (Umbellularia californica) is behind last year’s flowering by a bit, but looks like it’ll get there soon, the panicles are opening and expanding:




The shape of the leaves definitely looks like peach, nect. or almond leaves. Based on your locale, I’m pretty sure it’s not almond.

There are some peach seedling rootstocks which produce very red leaves, so be aware of that. For sure Flat Wonderful produced red leaves. I got rid of my one Flat Wonderful after about a decade. I really wouldn’t mind planting a few more because they were reliable and tasted pretty good.


My Hass avocado tree with lots of blooms here

Plum Perfect


The interspecific nectarine-plum hybrid “Spice Zee nectoplum” looks a lot like that. Maybe that’s what yours is or perhaps a chance offspring between an ornamental plum and a peach/nectarine

Looks like Blue Flag, Iris versicolor.

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Thank You, I don’t know what it is, it’s hard to get rid of this Iris.

The yellow version of this (Yellow Flag) has been deemed invasive in NY, so I’m not surprised. Around here you see some swampy areas just covered in Yellow Flag. I actually have both Blue and Yellow Flag in my ornamental beds, but they’re well behaved in my sandy soil. However, I make sure I clip the heads after bloom and dispose of the seed pods, they’ll scatter seed readily.

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You roses are do beautiful, my favorite colors.

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Thank You @IL847!

Here is the apricot 2023… with about 12 fruit this year. Flowered at the end of Jan
March 20



No flowers or fruit yet… but uncovered my monster chicago hardy fig today… it did survive the 3F low we had this winter. A little scratch and Green.

Our next 10 days includes a nice warm up. Time to wake this baby up.