Buying garlic to plant- good vendors?


Thanks for all the reviews really helpful and many places I didn’t know about!
@zendog I buy mostly from filaree farm and had 100% takes. You did get unlucky.
This year I bought one from the Garlic Store and Territorial, see how they are…

I also grow an heirloom from Wisconsin that is unknown. It did well the first 2 years, but seems to be declining now. I may give up on it although my original seed was the biggest garlic I ever saw. I have not been able to get them that size.


Yeah, thank you everyone for taking the time to type your replies. I knew I’d get great comments here.


My understanding is that in my area (zone 7 MD, near Baltimore and Washington, DC) softnecks ahould all do well, and for hardnecks the purple stripe varieties are best.


I’m in 5b/6a and a few softnecks work really well. This year my bulbs were almost as big as hardnecks. I found the purple stripes work well here too! I bet you could grow just about any.