Campfield Apple


That’s a good point. It was found in zone 3, so if it has time to fully ripen there, I’d imagine it can’t be a very late apple.


Scott, I’m with you on the question of Franklin’s ripening season. No mention that I can pick out from the few articles available. Looks as though it may possess frost resistant bloom/developing fruits. That is a necessity in Spokane, where we can have last frost about May 10, and in 2014 it came (27F) on the 24th!

I dread the price tag Stark Bros. may attach to Franklin when they release it. I had a second chance at trying Wickson last year ('15) and it was interesting in flavors as well as acid and sugar levels (21 Brix.) Looks as though Franklin may be a more complete package with tannins in the mix.
Can it take the heat?