Can trellising prevent Squash Vine Borer?

2-3 applications total?

Usually. The adults aren’t around the entire summer here.

If you’re looking for a borer-resistant summer squash, here’s the solution that’s worked for me (as well as tromboncino, which someone has already mentioned):

All of these are moschatas that have been bred specifically to be eaten as summer squash. I enjoy them every bit as much as zucchini. Meot Jaeng I Ae is especially sweet and flavorful.


Thanks for that suggestion and link. Did you try the “avacado” shaped ones as well? They seem to suggest the Early Bulam might be the most flavorful. Also how large/vigorous are the vines? Are they take-over-your-garden vigorous like tromboncino or tamer like a nicely behaved cantelope?

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Thanks! I just ordered some of the squash. Not being able to grow a decent tasting squash has been very frustrating. They have a very unique selection of seeds.

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Yes, I’ve also grown both of the avocado varieties – Early Bulam for multiple years and Teot Bat Put for the first time last year. Both are very good. Can’t say that I could tell a lot of difference between them. Early Bulam is the most vigorous of the three varieties that I’ve grown (haven’t tried King Ka Ae) and also the most productive. The vines are probably in the 10’ to 15’ range by late season. Meot Jaeng I Ae is about half that size, I’d say. By comparison, my Tromboncino vines will easily reach 20’. I grow all my squash in pots and up a trellis in part sun, so they’d certainly be even more vigorous in full sun and with more soil contact.

As far as flavor goes, I don’t want to oversell since everyone’s tastes are different. That being said, I actually prefer all of these to zucchini. My wife wouldn’t go that far (she’s crazy about zucchini), but she considers them to be every bit as good – just a little different.

I don’t like summer squash.
But …
I have grown a lot of it for market.
Instead of trying to prevent the bores, I would just plant some more , about once a month, destroying the older planting when it became unproductive.
I think the younger plants produce better, no need for sprays etc.


I am in Texas Zone 8B, and i have found that spraying soapy water at the base and in the clusters make the crawl out for air. Once i see them, i spay the really good with the soapy water. Since they breath from thier body, the soapy water smothers them, and they die. I do this about every 3 days in the evening. Sont forget to check for eggs and either cut off the leaf, use tape to take off eggs, or just cut off the leaf and drop in a bucket of soapy water. Good luck and happy gardening.

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My zucchini plants always died quickly after starting to fruit from borers and wilt but I noticed that winter squash that sends out new roots from their vines survives. I accidentally picked a pack of zucchini seeds that had the same characteristic and the plants were much more durable, but I forgot to keep the seed packet.

Research led to me purchasing Costata Romanesco zucchini for this years planting, and although I’m not seeing roots I am seeing much longer lived plants. They were supposed to be less productive than hybrids but a single plant puts out two good sized fruit a day.

They are touted on line as being the most delicious of zucchini, but I consider that a low bar- as long as they aren’t bitter it’s mostly what they are seasoned or served with that makes them good.

I’m also growing an old fashioned crook neck squash that is giving me a long season of productivity but it is less healthy now than the zucchini.