Carmine Jewel will flower in the South


Cupid is widely available in Canada. I picked one up, but it died on me. One day I'll go get another.


Too bad Cupid looks great. Are you allowed to take plants across the border? I know shipping scionwood is illegal but it might be different with plant bought in storewith proper receipt...just wondering. I remember crossing US/Canadian border several times and all went smooth except one time, this guy must have had bad mood cause he was checking every single car in his line for like 5 minutes (including me and my wife)


With the proper paperwork, It costs about $100.00 to get the correct paperwork. So I usually buy a lot. I have no plans anytime soon though.


@applenut when you said they would not set, how far would they get? Did any produce small cherries and then drop or did they all drop right after flowering?

Mine dropped 75% right after bloom and looked to set about 15 cherries but now they are starting to drop again. Most of what is left has yellowish stems that will also drop soon. A couple still have green stems and they are turning red but are still small. Is this normal for young plants, @strudeldog, anyone?


They are a winner in this southern orchard. Mine set a great deal of fruit here in GA. I kept expecting a major drop, but almost all held been eating them for over a week even though few have reached the darker red phase. I have several plants and even enjoy them at the tarter stage.


They look great Phil. I'm considering adding a few of each of the romance series this winter. Bill


I planted mine where it gets sun until about 2pm. Glad to see yours doing well in full sun. I planted a sucker in full sun and will probably order the other varieties this winter. I was worried about heat stress, but they have done just fine and the leaves look like yours very healthy, unlike many of my other plants.


Yes Last year their foliage held up very well, Better than any other stone fruit I had, and the Japanese beetles didn't really seem to bother them much. I did not spray last year and the J.B. hit many things hard. I had some fruit last year but they really kicked in this year. I did lose 2 tree to ground this spring they budded up and and then just stopped, and now tops are not scratching green. Kind of like couple apricots I lost. However the C.J. are sending tons of shoots from roots. I might leave 3 or 4 as multi-stem. My others are all single stem and for the 1st time this year sending up some other shoots. They should be true on own roots as these were very small plants from cuttings when I got them.


They say multi stem is better. Did you plant them horizontal in the ground or straight up and down? I planted three sideways and two up and down. How old are your bushes? I planted mine a week ago and they have some good growth already, about three inches. I posted this before but some might not have seen this.


Thanks for posting those photos, Phil, and for letting us know you've had good luck in the south. I just planted one or two of all the Romance Cherries I could buy and was getting worried after reading some of the posts here. Nice knowing I've got a good chance at some bush cherries in a few years.


I planted them vertical. Mine are 4 years I believe 3 years inground here and 1 year in pot


I can't find a patent but I did see it's trade marked "Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry". It suckers like crazy! Not sure how the trademark/ patent will work with CJ because it sends out hundreds of suckers. Another words it propagates itself because it's on it's own roots. You plant 10 in 10 years you will have 1000. I'm assuming since we purchased the originals they are all part of the same bush. Maybe someone else will have a better answer. When we all bought the bush when it was first released here in the United States we were told it doesn't sucker much and grew to a maximum of 6'. Noticed Henry fields shows the trademark which I'm assuming applies to all of the gardens alive conglomerate. I think they imported it from Canada. I bought mine from gurneys or Henry fields. Like pink lady a TM is not a patent but that would mean other companies can't sell it under that name. In the case of pink lady it's sold under the name cripps pink since it is out of patent. The tradable name pink lady can never be used. The TM for Carmine Jewell was not originally shown on the website. There is no patent # shown now. The name carmine Jewell since it's trademarked cannot be used.


I was asking because I wanted to sent some people some suckers but wasn't sure if it was under patent. I got mine from Michigan Bulb several years ago for cheap because I wasn't sure how it would do this far south. They still have them for $10. Edible Landscaping is selling them grafted, I assume to cut down on suckering. Mine sucker worse than my jujube.


@c5tiger Here's a list I found of the cherries that have been registered with the Canadian Plant Breeders Rights Office:

I see many of the Romance series there but I don't see Carmine Jewel. I don't see it on a quick search of the US plant patents either.


Yes that's a bargain but the plants are not big so they do need babied. Michigan bulb is part of that conglomerate.


Mine went straight in the ground and took off no problems but you are right their plants are small, maybe 6" tall.


How did your carmine jewel end up doing?


Mine produced 5 cherries. Birds got 4 so I quickly eat the last, it was good.


Any updates to any of your Bush Cherries? How did they do this past summer 2017? @c5tiger @strudeldog @thecityman @Ozymandias.
Bill @Auburn Did you plant any this past growing season?


Mine started off the year with a fungal issue… but after a couple doses of Pristine and Myclobutanil it was completely resolved and they went the remainder of the year without any sprays/treatment at all. There was only a small crop of cherries this year, but they put on a lot of growth and I anticipate a much larger crop next year.

I have 4 Carmine Jewel bushes and one Crimson Passion. The bigger of the two Carmine Jewels each put on maybe two feet of new growth. Crimson Passion continues to under-perform in comparison and is the smallest of the 5 by far, but even it put on maybe a foot of new growth.

I think in another year or two I will be able to give a “real” review of how Carmine Jewel does in Northern VA, but I don’t see any reason to doubt they can thrive here so far.