Cattle Panel Hoophouse Greenhouse


The remaining supplies are starting to show up now.


Going with the non heated hoophouse. Changed the width to 8’ so that everything winds up even. Heigth of the greenhouse is not the most important thing to me.


I know I mentioned a good source for greenhouse plastic supplies is A.M.leonard. Search for the POLY remnants This link should open them you need to call in the size you want. I prefer 6 mil POLY myself. Really like the sizes of remnants they have! Farmtek has remnants of smaller sizes which are fine in some situations. You can order regular POLY as well . Some of the new greenhouse plastic is impressive .


I realize im building it slowly but ive been side tracked on the pond and half a dozen other projects. So far ive spent about 30 minutes on the hoop house.


Your figs are going to like that hoophouse Greenhouse Clark!


My last attempt at a greenhouse was for figs but this time i think i will grow greens and other vegetables.


Looking good. Please post more pictures as it progresses. I think I’m going to need one of these.



Where did you bought your cattle panel at and price? I may buy some and use it as trellis system.



TSC at $19.99 per panel.


I will stop by TSC this Spring to get some. thanks


Without a trailer, those 16’ panels must be a joy to get home. I hope to build one of these at some point so I enjoy seeing your progress Clark.


Yes they are! I brought home four of them on top of our older Subaru wagon- I’d laid a couple of planks on the roof rack and lashed everything down as tightly as possible, tied flagging all over the ends, and drove really carefully (slow!) on the backest route I could- just three miles but those things bucked over every little dip and swale. But it worked and they make a pretty good fence around the garden now.


That made me laugh Mark, wish I had video! I’m glad we have an 18’ trailer!


i brought mine home in my pick up. just made a hoop out of it and it fit with the tailgate shut.


Exactly! Tie down the corners


Not a lot of time to work on it but 5 minutes here and there add up.


Built a homemade woodstove i will post pictures of pretty soon. I’m considering a homemade water heating system to improve the efficiency of burning wood with some added copper lines ran through the greenhouse. Just thinking out loud about ideas such as this. Im always looking for ways to get rid of my endless wood supply and to live within my means off the land as much as possible. This land has been mostly kind and generous to me in my life time but it is equally cruel to those who dont understand the resources we are blessed with. I’ve certainly been on both sides of that fence within my lifetime. Better to live with nature rather than try and change it. When we have an abundant resource such as wood if used properly we can turn it into an abundant resource we need such as heat or food. Who doesnt have trash trees pop up in fence rows or fruit trees that need pruined or if nothing else scrap wood in the area being sent to the landfill?

Methane gas has little to do with my plans on this small project at this time but farms such as mine with a surplus of organic material can generate resources out of that waste material for larger projects like this

On a much smaller scale this is how to use compost we make anyway for our gardens to generate methane gas as a fuel

Hydrogen gas can also be aquired from water if solar panels are used to generate electricity to heat with

Im taking my time on the greenhouse and just working it in since i really dont need it or the resources at this time. Its better to make hay while the sun is shining as the old saying goes not because we need the hay in the summer or the greenhouse in this case. Eventually we will use the greenhouse to generate many more resources but there is no hurry. Winters seem like they are colder and lasting longer and because of that the greenhouse will eventually come in handy.


I need to wire the panels together and attach them to the frame with staples. The ends will need modified by either framing them in and building a door & window or by some other method. Im going to make it 25 feet long which i assume is long enough but it would be little more work to make it 50’. My recommendation is make it as big as you want or need it but dont make a single cattle panel like the original design. The hardest work is in building the ends. Framing those in is the same work for a 5’ or 25’ or even 50’ greenhouse.


I have been following this thread and find it interesting. I know you have already set your size but I wonder with all of the structure that the cattle panels provide that you might be able to leave some space between each one and get more length of greenhouse with the same amount of panels. Of course it might make it less stable and more susceptible to winds. Just a thought.


Definately a good idea and certainly most people just use sun resistant pvc for support. Knowing Kansas like i do i will wire or weld those panels together. Jason are you considering building one?