CHE fruit ? blossoms?

The thing with che is don’t give up and have some luck too… :rofl:

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Looks like I might get to try some CHE fruit this year… some have sized up some and have turned pretty red (without dropping).

I felt of a few of the redish ones today… still pretty firm. Do they soften up any when peak ripe ?

Anything else to look for to tell when they are ready to eat ?



Mine did, from firm to soft in a day.


Harvested first CHE today… when I squeezed it some juice squirted out on my finger.

Going to wait until later to taste it… going to split it with my wife… to get a second opinion on the (wonderful fig mulberry melon) flavor :wink:

It is juicy at least…


The anticipation is killing me


how “unwholesome”


Well… my wife is home now… we just split that CHE and tried it out. As you can see it was nice and juicy, very moist…


The first word from my wifes mouth was… sweet…

And I agree… it was sweet and juicy.

Flavor wise the best way i could describe it would be if you cut open a nice perfectly ripe watermelon… and cut out a cube of the sweet heart center…

That is what it tasted like… a nice sweet juicy piece of a very good flavored watermelon… with a bit more flavor than watermelon though… it had hints of berry in there too (similar to red raspberry).

We both liked it.

Looking forward to more.

Ps… my CHE was purchased from Cliff… Englands Orchard… his California Dreaming seedless CHE.



That sounds… dare I say it… delicious.


For me it’s watermelon + strawberry… yummy! :yum:


It was delicious… and i had put that small plate of berries in the fridge… until my wife got home.

Definately did not hurt the sweetness or flavor to cool it off.

It was quite refreshing cold, juicy, sweet… watermelon berry flavor… and that was the first one from my CHE that was started as a very small twiggy thing in spring 2020.

It is in its 4 th year now. Perhaps with more time… even better.

I was so ready to be dissapointed by CHE fruit… what a plesant surprise !!!

Edit add later… i went back to the tree after work… hoping to find another CHE fruit ripe… put a slight squeeze on all the larger red ones… but all are still quite firm. I will keep checking every day or two.