Che fruit


Looks like a squish toy, haha :grin:


3rd year In ground seedless from EL. Got a pretty decent harvest this year, though most never made it to the house. I am wondering if this is one of those fruits that is very sensitive to growing conditions, cause I don’t recognize the flavorless bland etc fruit being described here. Mine are sweet, melony and delicious.


I have never had it. but the seller said it is sweet, texture is similar to grapes


Nice funky looking fruits. IL, did you buy any fruits?



Those are not Che. See this video from @strudeldog


It looks like Kadsura coccinea, but I don’t know the fruit from own experience.
It is related to schisandra.
There is a short description here:


I think you are right. The fruits do look alike. I was told it tasted sweeter than sugar apple
Thanks for solving the mysterious. One more fruits that in my want to grow list


No, I did not.too expensive


How much? Maybe we buy you the fruit and you share the seeds.


This is getting complicated I found this species Duguetia phaseoloides

kadsura coccinea

I really want to eat both of them.


All che are sweet. All have a melony flavor. I have never heard anyone describe the flavor as delicious though except for people who are selling the trees…The most common words I have heard used for the overall flavor seem to be insipid or bland.


Ummm, I am a doctor, I sell nothing. Really not sure what the venom is about. Did a che tree do something to you?


Honestly, taste is such an individual, subjective thing that predicting someone else’s experience is mostly meaningless. To me, sweet and melony is delicious, and for me and a number of folks I have shared with, that is a very good thing. I also love a good, sweet watermelon. There is not much acid to a che fruit. If you need that to enjoy it, then you will not. You have certainly made your opinion clear. It is not correct for me.


Ummm, I did not say you sold anything. If you think I did, point out the statement. I’m not sure why you think being a doctor is of any relevance at all. I stated a fact, which is that I have never heard anyone call che fruit delicious who was not trying to sell the trees. Here’s another fact- I have been growing che fruit since the early-mid 1990s. Since that time I have engaged in at least 100 discussions of the tree and the fruit. In all that time the most common words used to describe the fruit were indeed bland or insipid. Things can in fact taste melony and sweet and still be insipid or even disgusting. If you can’t comprehend that, put a cup of watermelon juice out on a porch in the middle of the summer and come back after a few days. It will still be sweet and melony but certainly not delicious.

I thought che fruit was OK when I first ate it. The more I ate it, the less I liked it. I finally reached the point where I understood why the Chinese call the fruit “unwholesome”. I also understand why no critters here will eat it. That you think it tastes delicious is quite interesting and I’m glad you posted your comment. Let us know how many fruit you eat in the years to come. With most people, their consumption declines significantly after the first couple of years.


Dang. I bought 2 Che trees from Hidden Spring a couple years ago and topworked them to Strudelgog’s Che tree. They both are potted and growing great. I should get the chance to taste their fruits this coming Spring I hope. I hope they are OK in taste wise. I hate to spent all the time and effort and they are not that great.



My profession was only brought up in relationship to this statement. I understand you don’t care for the taste. Just surprised at the degree of dislike, esp if you grow so many of them. Also aware that internet discussions frequently degrade to attack and counterattack, and I am not interested in that. I like them, you don’t, move on.


Hi Doc,

Please don’t get offended. We all have Our own opinion on certain fruit. I have not taste the Che fruit yet because my trees are still small and that they dropped all their fruits this year, I may like it, whose knows. For me, I loved Durian and others think it is smelled like poop. It is OK. We all are here to share Our fruits experienced.

Best regards,



I am finally joining the Che club. 3 years ago I orders 2 Trees from Hidden Springs and got a refund because they sold out. Last year I finally got my trees last year. Barely any root twigs


After some auguring back and forth and comparing weather reports for the sipping period. HS agreed to replace them while admitting no fault.

The replacements arrived today.

The difference between this year and last years plants is night and day. Now I just have to wait 2-4 years of fruit aborting to taste one.


I am glad you got a replacement tree. I hope both Che trees will hold on to the fruits so I taste the fruits and give some feedback.



Mine once again dropped all its fruit over a 48 hour period without ever ripening any of it. Fruit were smaller than dime sized when they dropped and were very latex-y with little to no sweetness.

My tree is easily 10 feet tall and wider than that. It’s also at least 10 years old. I really should go back through my lists and identify the source from which I got it…