Che fruit


How do your Che/ red mulb grafts look? I just got some Che cuttings and plan to try doing chip-buds onto red mulbs AND onto some osage orange.

What can you tell us about your attemps?



The Che grafts did not take for me. I opened one up to see and there were lots of saps bleed into the union. I may have graft it too early. I hope you have better luck than me. I think you should do more chip-buds onto Osage Orange than Red Mulb.



I’m bummed your grafts did not take, but thanks for trying. And thanks for the update.

I find your idea of trying osage orange as an interstem intriguing…

Hoping my Che fruits actually mature this year.


How old is your tree?

I got it as a 3 gallon from Edible Landscaping two years ago.

Keep us posted. Good luck.

Your fruits now look bigger than mine ever have gotten. I grafted a male on this spring but the graft didn’t make it.

Any ideas on why the graft didn’t make it. Do you think it was too early or too late?

The timing seemed good. The scionwood was old, thats my best guess. All my previous Che grafts worked fine.

Do you graft early like a pear or late like a peach ?

Does che grow all year or does it just put one flush out in the spring?

Great thread!

In San Diego zone 9b about 8 miles from the coast my seedless Che was deciduous from about Dec. through mid-March. They produced one crop in late June or July of what I would describe as “golf ball size raspberries”. Some of my customers that purchased them had similar experiences from coastal zone 11a to the inland foothill zones of 9a.

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It grows all year. It is quite vigorous, too much for the spot I have it in.

Ok, I though it would be like my fig and mulberry trees that grow all summer. I have had mine 2 years and it is growing very little and is sick looking. My dwarf geraldi mulberry 10’ away looks great and is growing nicely. Thought it may be like my persimmon that put on growth on the spring.

As bad as my tree looks the fruit are still holding on, when do they typically drop. Several fruit I think will still drop but others are growing.

might have to go back to so cal. Hardly any effort growing nearly everything in the spectrum: temperate, sub-tropical, and even tropicals.

Anyone else growing the self-fertile seedless Che?

I believe the edible landscaping one is self-fertile and seedless. That’s what I’ve got.

Richard, I just ordered one, and it is waiting to go into the ground. Somewhere. Haven’t figured out where I can put it so it can spread, and where I already have existing water, so I don’t have to up my water bill. That, along with 3 of the cold-tolerant mangos we got a while back. All still sitting on the side of my driveway, all awaiting planting. Think I did find a nice spot for all three, though, so hole digging is in my future this weekend. Ugh. My least favorite part of gardening.