Clapps favorite pear

Then store extras in fridge and pull out what you plan to eat a couple days in advance. I wish I had known that detail when our kids were at home. I only learned it on the Garden Web forum.


I picked mine this year large in size but still hard and green with a slight blush.

After one week in cool storage (60 deg), they ripened nicely after a day or two upstairs. After the second week, they ripened all at once in cool storage and many turned to mush.

Should I refrigerate than hard and green right after picking them?

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This pear is not meant for storage. Clapps favorite should be picked when they easily pass the tilt test and a few days later ripening inside they will ripen all at once. This pear like most high quality pears is subject to internal breakdown so you have a li.ited time to eat and store these. Pears such as drippin honey Asian pear on the other hand can store for months

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This pear never leaves my mind if you know this one I wonder if you like it as well as I do? It takes a long time to produce but the wait is worth it.


Yes I showed everyone in photos above that the centers rot if not picked at the right time. They are a delicious pear.

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