Clarkinks family heirloom blackberries

I kept reading how hardy and good Clakinks family heirloom blackberries were. So last fall I asked Clark if he could send me a few plants to try out. He told me he couldn’t, but referred me to 39thparallel who also had them and might be able to send me some. In March, Mike at 39thparallel sent me 6 bare root plants. When I was potting them, some had roots bigger than I could fit in the pot so I trimmed the roots to make them fit. Just out of curiosity I tossed the roots in a pot of soil and covered them. As an additional experiment I took two hardwood cuttings and put them in soil as well. Clark warned me that these were very vigorous plants with a will to live and would grow roots through my grow bags and escape into my yard so I keep them on my patio for now. They will eventually go up to my property in Michigan and get planted in the ground on the back of the property where they can spread to their hearts content. All 6 plants woke up and have good growth on them.

All of the root cuttings I put in soil sent up new plants
Both of the hardwood cuttings rooted and have new growth both from the cutting and the roots

There are also some cuttings from a PrimeArk Freedom cane that broke off that I am trying to root in those pots.

When Clark says these are aggressive plants he is not kidding. Seems like any piece of the plant that lands in soil is going to generate a new or many new plants. I’m guessing I won’t get to try the berries until next year, but looking forward to it.


@39thparallel grows them as part of his nursery so I appreciate he was able to send you what you needed. The berries will get very aggresive soon they were bred for it. He grows many fruits from my property. Nothing I grow is patented and i never charge for what i give away. I love growing fruit and want good plants shared with as many people as possible. Many fruits I grow are pretty unique. Here is more about the blackberries. They look like they are in good hands! By the way they will adapt to your climate so don’t be surprised to see some unique plants soon.
Blackberries by the gallons


The best tasting blackberry ever. They remind me of the fruit flavored syrup at the pancake restaurants. I have not seen a more aggressive growth habit since Little Shop of Horrors.


Can’t wait to taste the berries. Let’s hope the plants don’t turn out to be carnivorous. :joy: :joy:

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@clarkinks Looks like you have your name in all sorts of places! I have one of your crabapples growing strong down here in Texas.

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Yes that crabapple grows in clusters like grapes, stores well, tastes good, ripens later. It’s a very good crabapple. Again there is no patent feel free to propagate it and share it.

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I think everyone appreciates everything you do to preserve and propagate this rare stuff. @chadspur this is what that crabapple looks like unsprayed New Apple Seedling Varieties